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County benni hannah restaurant

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Georgia county jails

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inmate searchSince first opening our doors in 1964, Benihana has become, beyond a doubt, the longest running dinner show in the world.And what would an entertaining dinner show be without great food?Benihana restaurants are traditional Japanese hibachi steakhouses, which feature the Japanese cooking method known as "teppanyaki." From mouth-watering steak, tender chicken, succulent seafood and garden-fresh vegetables to a variety of sushi and other Japanese favorites, your meal is prepared fresh and served by a performing chef, right before your eyes.
Teppanyaki items, sushi items and homemade dipping sauces vary by location and region.
Prices are not uniform across all locations, and are subject to change.For specific menu and pricing, use the Benihana locator to contact the location you are planning to visit.
hez Beni Hana, votre repas est prpar et servi par un chef artistique qui est tout juste devant la table.
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Beni Hana vous offre un service personalis sur commande avec la prparation de votre repas devant vous.

Sur le menu La Carte, les dneurs peuvent choisir dune varit de sushis frais ainsi que dautres mets japonais.GDC maribel guardia naked.
On a une vaste slection de vins imports de qualit, de la bire japonaise et de magnifiques cocktails exotiques.
Amusez-vous aussi avec la musique vivante qui complimente le magnifique dcor.
Beni Hana est un restaurant en vogue avec une atmosphre vivante et chaleureuse qui offre une exprience la japonaise incomparable.
Laissez-nous vous divertir ainsi que votre famille et vos amis pour une exprience inoubliable.
Entrer dans le merveilleux monde culinaire de la cuisine japonaise de Beni Hana offrant 2 expriences culinaires uniques.
Les invits peuvent profiter du spectacle et des saveurs incomparables de notre authentique teppan-yaki japonais (cuisine sur plaque de fer), prpars directement votre table… par des chefs experts du maniement de couteau.
Beni Hana est mieux reconnu comme le premier Steakhouse japonais Montral ayant les chefs de teppan les plus talentueux dans le secteur et servant la plus haute qualit de nourriture disponible comme le boeuf, fruits de mer et volailles.
Nos invits peuvent aussi choisir de dner dans une atmosphre plus intime et paisible ou dans de traditionnelles chambres de Tatami prives o nous offrons le meilleur et le plus frais sushi en ville.
Les chambres de Tatami sont composs de tables bases au niveau du plancher pour que votre soire soit confortable.
Notre chef de sushi principal sduira nos invits avec certaines de ses crations originale.
Continued Current OpenTable.com Diner Reviews (20) "Yes it's a teppanyaki understandably paying the bill but the cook does not show and the food is mediocre.
I should've ordered sushi at home." 0of 0voted this as helpful.
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0of 0voted this as helpful.Thank you!You have successfully submitted a comment for this review.
"Tout tait bon mais sans beaucoup de saveur." 0of 0voted this as helpful.
Thank you!You have successfully submitted a comment for this review.Privacy Policy | Copyright 2012 OpenTable, Inc.
All rights reserved.Beni Hana Cuisine Japonaise - Montreal Japanese Restaurant | RestoMontreal.
ca 4.2 stars based on 27 ratings.To create the link, copy the HTML code below to your web page or blog.
All Rights Reserved ©2012 RestoMontreal.ca  "RestoMontreal" and "RestoMontreal Logo" are trademarks of MITOPA Inc.
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Real reviews.® Search for (e.g.taco, cheap dinner, Max's) What's this?Too many options?
Let Yelp make you a recommendation Too many options?Went with a pretty large group for the Express Lunch.
Most of us had the lunch boats with a choice of entree (salmon, chicken or beef), edamame, miso soup, salad, tempura, sashimi, some California roll, bowl of white… I'll kill myself if I see someone ordered Sushi at Beni-Hana.
There are many Japo restaurants YOU JUST DON'T ORDER SUSHI.
They are not sushi places.That's why.It is because they don't know how to buy good fish 3.
Miyako Mall, East Building right into the Kintetsu-Mall.
Go threw the Mifune, Iso-Bune and peekin' the frecken' Beni-Hana Zoo and Kushi-tsuru, and go over the bridge walking by the On The Bridge, and walk in to the book store.
But the restaurants I've been searching for the equivalent of IB Hoagies for like 2 years, and Jay's might be it.
Granted, I was a bit drunk when I got there.This place is basically like Beni Hana for stoners.
and tagged along.At first we were going to go to Beni-Hana for all the hype and reputation they are known for.
Before going, I decided to enter into the strip mall where Juban was.
I am glad that I followed my a Beni Hana floor show, but being polite wouldn't hurt.
Acknowledging the brilliance of the ASSM wouldn't hurt either, I mean, who can't see how incredible he is?
And he orders appropriately.We probably won't be back.the idea eating out at restaurants.
All of the corner type Okonomi-Yaki-Ya in my home town had One Big Hot plate table.
The table Big enough for 6 to 8 people ....it's like the hot plate table at Beni-Hana.
So when I and Beni-Hana.(duh...lol).I HIGHLY recommend this place and don't eat too much; go to Belly Good Crepes or Sophie's Crepes to enjoy a yummy crepe for desert ^_^ the same time.
I don't think it's fun.I think, Iso-bune is taken the position of introdusing Japan town as a wonderland right before the Beni-hana.
This is great combo.But, no thanks.I've read the news paper the other In my opinion about this place is that JapanTown is a part of San Francisco's tourists place like Fisherman's wharf.
That's why Beni-Hana is still exist and Iso-Bune is still making business.
Which is good for Japantown Go to Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ...
Got search feedback?Help us improve.Celebrity Spottings in San Francisco?
hehe -- jk.I once met Tanya Tucker at Beni Hana.Also Sean Penn and Robin Williams -- but that goes without saying.
Are you a Chef groupie?Masaharu Morimoto and Nobu Matsuhisa are the guys who create Asian Fusion for fun, Soon or later they'll become another Beni-Hana.
I am definitely NOT… Not here?Tell us what we're missing.If the business you're looking for isn't here, add it!
Please zoom in to get updated search results.Yowza, that is one large search area.Draw something a bit smaller for us, eh?
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Real reviews.® Search for (e.g.taco, cheap dinner, Max's) Edit Business Info Work Here?
Unlock This Business Page "Great drinks & happy hour us awesome." In 6 reviews "OMG :) The Blue Tsunami is huge.
" In 2 reviews "But as usual, the food was awesome." In 3 reviews My date had told me on several occasions that he comes here for take out.
I told a friend and she said "Take out?The whole point of Benihana's is to dine in!
" Needless to say, my date and I didn't end up working out, but I did enjoy the restaurant.
My first impression was that it is is huge.My second, is that I like being able to sit next to people I don't know.
May sound weird, but I'm weird and like weird things.Moving forward, my date warned me that they serve a lot of food.
I was certainly up for it since I was pretty hungry and we just so happened to show up nearly an hour late for our reservations because there was a horrific accident on the freeway.
I ordered the Salmon dish, which came with various vegetables.
Everyone at the table except for myself ordered fried rice (apparently it's pretty amazing), so when I decided to try my dates, I wasn't too impressed.
It wasn't until I saw the chef make the standard fried rice when I mentioned to my date the discrepancy.
His reply, "Yeah, I don't have them add the vegetables or eggs, but it is fried.
" I kindly held back every ounce of my private thoughts and continued on with the dinner.
We first got soup, which I believe was miso...then a salad which was just like any other restaurants house salad.
After, the rice was made, and then the entrees.The food was very fresh and tasty.
I also ordered some outstanding Sake, which would be worth coming back just for that.
I wasn't able to take in the entire experience by having dessert because my date decided to order two bowls of his version of fried rice, a smoothie, and his seafood platter.
I would have liked to try the ice cream though.Overall, a yummy place to eat but it is expensive!
If you sign up on the Benihana site, they will send you a $30.00 coupon to use during your birth month!
We went on a Wednesday and decided to eat in the lounge.We have been to Benihana's for years, and just did not want the table side show this time.
The menu is the some with out all the noise of being in their big tappanyaki room.
We were looking for a quiet dinner, and we got it in the lounge.
Our wait person was also the bartender and was very laid back and nice.
The food was okay.My steak seemed steamed, but the lobster tail was perfectly cooked.
I love their onion soup that came with it.A light broth with a rich onion flavor.
An ice cream sundae came with it and a candle was put in it.
No singing please!The waiter volunteered, but I declined.
A peaceful meal was had by us.Thank you Benihana's.If you have been to One Benihana you have been to them all!
The fun thing is to bring friends that… Read more » ughhh...
what a terrible experience!got my $30 bday certificate...wanted to celebrate an amazing winning game for my son...
decided to come here.couldn't reserve on opentable.1 1/2 hour wait for teppan table...
ughhh decided to do a regular table...20 minutes wait the room looked like a converted Denney's..
it was sterile, cafeteria like, it just plain sucked!if my kids weren't so hungry and it was already too late to go elsewhere...
i would have walked out (now i wish i had walked out and gotten them a Happy Meal at McDonalds...
which would have been 10 x better) we ordered shrimp entrees for the kids, one beef and one chicken for us...
the plates came, ...with hardly anything on them...sickly looking vegetables and teeny, tiny bits of meat hidden amongst the rest of the "food"...
the "shrimp" looked like popcorn shrimp the food no flavor ...
it was just a pile of mush (what i assume they would serve in a 3rd world prison) i had one glass of water...
it was never refilled.I had one voka soda...no wait a minute, it was a soda with a splash of vodka...
i had to clear my own small table ( i took our plates up to the sushi bar a few times).
i wish there was a pitcher of water so i could refill our glasses...
the server was absent...not rude...just absent.i will never ever come here or again....
i remember it being pretty ok...not anymore.not even for free.
oh and within an hour my husband and one of my children had diahrea...
no i didn't but I am Indian and have a stomach of steel...i eat street food in TJ and in India (makes TJ look sterile)...
and do not get sick.if i could give this place 0 stars...i would Listed in: "S" ...
"Spotted in North…, I don't get it!?!?!?We went to bennihanna to celebrate two birthdays.
Sunday at 4:30 since we have three kids seemed like a great time.The hostess sat us at a dirty tepan Yaki table.
It had old corn and rice on the grill.When I told the waitress, she jus said "oh, he will wipe it when he comes to cook".
Then when our waiter came we told him also and he did nothing as well.
Finally "Dong" our chef came his English was so poor, but finally he cleaned it.
There was still old steak under his knife on the grill and I had to ask him to get it all off.
What a shame to run a business like this.Next time I will find a small Japanese family run place to spend our money on.
This place is awesome!I love watching the show as my food is cooked.
This time I had tempura shrimp as my appetizer.It was excellent.The shrimp and the tempura batter had excellent flavor and there was nice crunch to the batter.
I also loved the tempura zucchini, onion, and carrot.Things taste so good when they are fried!
Next I had filet mignon.The chef was superb.First he asked how I wanted it prepared then he cut off a sample for me to test to ensure the correct amount of cooking.
The sample was a bit too bloody for my taste but it was perfect after a little bit more cooking.
The meat itself was tender and juicy.The chef marinated it perfectly.
This is one of the best steaks I have ever had!Last up was the green tea ice cream.It was excellent.
There was a delicious light green tea flavor.I have never found good green tea ice cream in the supermarket.
It tends to have too strong a flavor for my taste or it's freezer burned from improper storage or being in the freezer too long.
I love this location as it's not overly crowded like the Mission Valley one.This place has great entertainment and service.
I love watching the guy cook in front of you.I… Read more » Celebrated my birthday lunch at this restaurant.
My experience here is not as great as other restaurants of this type that I have tried.
First off, I prefer the 'authentic' Japanese Teppanyaki grill master.
We got a non-Jap one on our table which was fine except for the fact that he did was not as skilled.
I observed that the other larger groups have the better chefs who did more tricks such as the onion volcano etc.
which we did not really have.Our grill person's idea of tricks was tossing some bits of food over to the other grill person at the table next to ours.
The food is not as well-seasoned and flavorful as the other places we've visited.
What I like about this place though is that they make your bday experience more personalized by providing you with some free dessert (ice-cream) and a photo: a printed one and another which you can also download from their website and post to your facebook page.
Will I go back to this location or refer it to my friends - most likely not.I'm pretty sure there are better places out there.
Benihana's is a great place to go with your kids or with a group of people based on the entertainment alone.
  • Charles B Webster Detention Center 1941 Phinizy Road Augusta 30906 (706) 821-1101
I mean who doesn't enjoy seeing an onion volcano or fried rice made into Mickey Mouse?
Anyway, went there for my son's golden birthday at his request.
Set reservations and ended up getting there a little early and found a space in the bar to wait for our table, have a drink and catch up on the football score.
Once seated, we waited and waited and waited.Table that were served after us were already being served and needless to say, I was a little frustrated.
I flagged down a manager, explained the situation and both managers were very apologetic and provided us with comped appetizers for our wait.
Thank you to them for that but it wasn't necessary.Just the acknowledgment of the slow service was enough and actually getting the service was really what we were requesting.
Once we actually got service, everything went uphill from there.
Our servers were extremely prompt and appetizers and sides were served immediately.
Our chef was a little on the low key side based on others in the restaurant but that was just fine with me.
Yes, he did a variety of tricks however there was no yelling, no whooping it up or raising the roof to be had with this chef.
With that said, he was personable and provided more than enough entertainment for us.The food portions here are huge and the pricing reflects that.
You more than likely will not leave here hungry and if you do, chances are it is because you didn't like something that was served.
The only problem is because you are so close to the cooking surface, you walk out smelling like your food.
Minor problem to be had but you should know that before you go in.
The best kept secret is their Lunch Specials!Specifically the lunch boat with beef.
My coworkers and I stop here once a week and eat it and we all agree its an amazing value at $9.
75.The other great thing about it is that the lunch is never crowded, its always easy to get a seat.
Beef Lunch boat comes with miso to start, next a salad with that amazing dressing.
After the salad they bring out the lunch boat which is teriyaki beef, 4 california rolls, 4 slices of sashimi (2 types of fish) Vegtable and shrimp tempura and a bowl of rice, edamame and slices of orange to finish.
I cant say enough about this lunch special, doesn't leave you feeling bloated and tired afterwards like most places.
The original in the flat top Japanese cooking entertainment experience.
Huge flat top grills back to back seating 8-10 per side so it's perfect for family dining.
An array of tricks while they cook your chicken, beef, shrimp, rice and other assorted entrees.
The old adage, you've been to 1 you've been to them all rings true here.
Don't be confused and walk to your left the building itself can be tricky, apparently the right side was supposed to be a bar, but never really took.
I'm not sure why business people have lunches here?Lastly you will smell like fried oil no matter what so don't wear nice clothes, and don't bring your date here.
I've been here many many times and every time i come its a different experience.
My favorites are Benihana Trio, Ocean Treasure, chicken fried rice and their California Roll.
Also make sure to sign up for the Chef's Table in their website because you will get a $30 gift card/gift certificate on the month of your birthday.
Very very very worth it.I have never really tried the sushi bar, we always go to the teppanyaki area.
My advice is to call in for reservations, come on time and come hungry!
Relax and have a good time.Oh man...finally, I can cross having a meal at Benihana off my bucket list after last night.
My friend K.treated me here for a belated birthday dinner after work.While we were both surprised by how busy the place was on a Thursday night (at one point, K.
thanked the stars that she had made reservations), it didn't take too long for us to be seated.
I liked the ambiance Benihana projects, the restaurant was very clean and orderly, and the staff was very polite and friendly - though K.
noticed that the manager was on the floor quite a bit.(In fact, he came by to our table to ask if everything was okay...
hmm...) During our wait at the bar, we ordered a few drinks.
A few hours before, a coworker had recommended the Blue Ocean Punch Bowl; while a drink big enough for at least two people was tempting, I settled for the Baby Blue Ocean - and it was definitely satisfying.
K.ordered a Rising Sun Lemon Drop (made with Absolut Citron vodka, Cointreau, PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur, and fresh lemon juice with a sugar rim), and it really agreed with her, as she ordered several through the course of the night.
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Additionally, we ordered a Spider Roll (soft shell crab, crabstick meat, green leaf, cucumber, avocado, and soybean paper), which we liked.Now, for the teppanyaki...as it was my first time there, I didn't know that we would be seated with total strangers.Yet, the intimacy of the grill made for some great conversations with our fellow diners.The food was, simply put, outstanding.Carlos, our chef, did a great job with the presentation and preparation of our meals - including flipping the shrimp tails into his shirt pocket and on top of his hat - and both K.

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