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County benni hannas in westbury ny

You need to upgrade your Flash Player.You don't have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.This web site makes use of Adobe Flash™ software.You have an old version of Adobe Flash Player that cannot play the content we've created.Make your way to this Benihana!Enter your current location: The very distinctive architecture of the Westbury restaurant, which includes mahogany wood columns and vaulted ceilings, gives you the feeling that you are dining in an authentic Japanese setting.

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The restaurant has sixteen teppanyaki tables where your highly skilled personal chef will perform right before your eyes as he cooks such favorites as steak, chicken, seafood and vegetarian selections in a traditional Japanese style.In addition, a beautiful bamboo sushi bar offers the freshest seafood in town.Click here to see our full Teppan Menu.Click here to see our full Sushi Menu.Click here to see our full Kids Menu.

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inmate searchYou need to upgrade your Flash Player.You don't have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.This web site makes use of Adobe Flash™ software.You have an old version of Adobe Flash Player that cannot play the content we've created.You need to upgrade your Flash Player.You don't have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.This web site makes use of Adobe Flash™ software.
You have an old version of Adobe Flash Player that cannot play the content we've created.
A fresh experience every single time.Since first opening our doors in 1964, Benihana has become, beyond a doubt, the longest running dinner show in the world.
And what would an entertaining dinner show be without great food?Benihana restaurants are traditional Japanese hibachi steakhouses, which feature the Japanese cooking method known as "teppanyaki.
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" From mouth-watering steak, tender chicken, succulent seafood and garden-fresh vegetables to a variety of sushi and other Japanese favorites, your meal is prepared fresh and served by a performing chef, right before your eyes.

Teppanyaki items, sushi items and homemade dipping sauces vary by location and region.GDC tro choi viet.
Prices are not uniform across all locations, and are subject to change.
For specific menu and pricing, use the Benihana locator to contact the location you are planning to visit.
You need to upgrade your Flash Player.You don't have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.
This web site makes use of Adobe Flash™ software.You have an old version of Adobe Flash Player that cannot play the content we've created.
Please direct any questions or comments to the appropriate department by selecting the area that best describes the nature of your inquiry.
If you are providing feedback on a dining experience, please be sure to indicate the date, time and location of the restaurant.
Be sure to provide us with your contact information in order to follow through with your comments.
Click HERE for frequently asked questions regarding signing up for The Chef's Table and details about membership and your Birthday Certificate.
Comments (This message will be sent to the Corporate Office in Miami, FL.
): * We are always interested in hearing from our customers.
Benihana Inc.supports a limited number of non-profit, charitable organizations with the donation of restaurant gift certificates.
Benihana does not contribute to individuals and does not make donations in return for advertising.
The inquiring organization must provide background on the specific program and specify the date of the event.
The gift certificates must be used to raise funds for a non-profit, charitable organization.
The organization must have an established track record of community advocacy.
The organization must have 501(c)(3) status and a Federal Tax Identification Number.To request support from Benihana, please provide a brief description of your organization, a copy of your ID number and an explanation of what is being requested.
The request must be on your organization's letterhead.
Send your request to: Benihana Inc.ATTN: Public Relations 8750 N.
W.36th Street Suite 300 Doral, FL 33178 Please allow four weeks for Benihana to review and respond to your request.
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Unlock This Business Page said: "I'm always eating sushi, so I've gotten quite good at spotting/smelling/tasting fresh fish.
For the most part, Sushi Ya has it.Sometimes, not.Today, I had some fishy tasting pieces of sashimi.
Euw.I understand if you use this…"   read more » We came here a few months ago as a party of 10.
It was a Sunday afternoon and I was pleasantly surprised.Normally I prefer non chain restaurants, (I like Sho Gun in Island Park) but my dad was paying and was looking for the cheapest priced hibachi lunch.
The prices were amazing.I think that the hibachi was like between $9.
99 & $14.99 for lunch.Seemed like you get all the same food as if you were going to a dinner hibachi.
The "cooking in front of you show" was nothing special but that may have been because he sensed no one was paying that much attention.
The food was good, and the prices were good and at the end of the meal they even took a photo of our group and gave it to my sister (it was her birthday).
Id definitely recommend going here for a Sunday lunch.I avoid the hibachi and bar/waiting area for a variety of reasons.
Mainly because of the loud noise and large groups.I sit at the sushi bar to the left as soon as you walk in just because I don't have to wait for a table and the service is much more faster.
I usually get a couple specialty rolls and enjoy watching the sushi chefs making rolls and whatnot.
They also made me some salad that consisted of seaweed, panko, cucumbers and crab.
Maybe it was called a crab salad (?).What ever it was, it was light and refreshing.
I came here once for hibachi with a group, and you are honestly paying for watching the chef making food right in front of you.
The tricks and flips they do with the food is entertaining for the first 2 minutes, then you just want to skip all the BS and eat some food.
The chicken teriyaki was mediocre along with the sauteed vegetables and friend rice that came with it.
All I ordered to drink was water and had to hunt down the waitress for a refill.
I had an awesome meal here recently.I ordered the samurai treat- the filet mignon was cooked to absolute perfection, and the shrimp were delicious.
The onion soup that came along with the meal was yummy, too, as well as the fried rice (a couple dollars extra).
We were pretty pleased with the sushi we ordered as well.
My only complaint- the dressing on the salad seemed a bit salty but really not a huge deal.
All in all, fun atmosphere, fantastic food.Just wish they had fried ice cream for dessert!
This location has completely gone down the drain.I work just down the block so sitting down for the lunch boat special is a no-brainer, but boy has the food and service dropped way below acceptable.
I cannot say the same about the dinner/hibachi service because that seems to flow more consistently.
Do not come here for lunch.The components on the lunch boat specials are evidently being replaced by frozen sashimi, low grade meat, and overall lazy preparation.
The other lunch offerings are lackluster and not worth the extra bucks.
Service is consistently terrible and slow so you can forget about returning to work on time.
Half of the staff here don't even seem to speak English!Needless to say I won't be returning.
I've been here twice for the hibachi table dinner...both times were enjoyable and the chef cooked our food perfectly.
You are simply paying higher prices for the novelty meal and entertainment so it makes for a fun group outing.
Overall poor service and less than average food-- you're better off at any of the other surrounding restaurants.
The food is ok.I went here on a date.The wait was about 15-20 on a thursday night which wasn't too bad.
Once we got to the table and ordered our drinks, the chef took about 30 minutes to show up at our table.
Some of the other guests at our table were getting inpatient.
It allowed us to converse so i wasn't upset.When the chef did come out, he was very kind and funny man.
He did his cool tricks but the food isn't worth the price, i believe.
All in all, it was a nice environment and great ambiance but food isn't all that great.
The food is no better than any other hibachi restaurant I've been to, I feel that you're paying for the name.
It's better for groups because with a party of eight we only paid $53 pp and that was with several drinks, appetizers and dessert!
Always get my sushi here.E at there or take it to go.I won't go anywhere else, and appreciate the same taste of fresh fish.
From all their specialty rolls to sashimi.It's all great!
I recommend this specific location, cause my wife and I have been going for a while.
Service is great, and price is right.The Manhasset one is always crowded on Friday and Saturday.
If you're going to sit at the sushi bar, and Jerry is working, he is the man, and makes the best spicy crab salad!
Awful experience.My boyfy and I made 9 pm reservations for ourselves and another couple.
We arrived on time and had a seat in the bar/waiting area for our table.
Ok all the tables that weren't taken were DIRTY.Chewed up stir sticks or crumpled napkins or dirty glasses, one table had all three.
Gross.So we just sat at a dirty table but def did not order drinks.
Pre-meal: After about 5-10 minutes we get called for our table.
We go and sit and the hostess explains the menu to us, "page one has blah blah blah, page two has blah blah blah...
" A few minutes go by and our server comes to our table and explains the menu.
Good thing the hostess had already done it because you couldn't hear our server at all.
Hibachi restaurants are typically noisy.Between the cling clang cooking noises and the boisterous laughter from surrounding tables, it was pretty loud.
You'd think this girl would know that she shouldn't be whispering.
Drinks: So she is taking our drink orders (mine twice since it confused her that I wanted a soda and a water) and my boyfriend asks her the price of a specific cocktail which is on their "specials" menu in which prices aren't listed.
He's not cheap, he just didn't want to get surprised by a $19 cocktail at the end of the night.
Our server had no idea the cocktail even existed.When he pointed to it on the menu she got an annoyed look and said "hang on" and asks another server who also had no idea what the price was.
It took a good 5-7 minutes for them to figure out the price of this drink.
It was kind of ridiculous.So anyway my boyfy ends up ordering a coke and the ($9) cocktail.
Apps: So we ordered some sushi as did pretty much everyone else at the table but for some reason everyone got their sushi before we did.
By the time we got ours, everyone else had finished theirs.This is normally something that I wouldn't really complain about but I started to notice when it became a pattern throughout our meal.
We were seated smack-dab in the middle of the table yet for some reason everyone else on both sides of us were always served first.
And I don't mean just served last, i mean not even served at the same time.
The giant tray of food was always one or two short.Oops missing one soup, oops missing two salads.
And looking back, his drinks came out last too.Was this chick passively-aggressively fucking with us?
Maybe, but I also believe she was really just bad at her job as well.Dinner: this was the only decent part of the night and it's because someone besides that incompetent server was standing in front of us.
The chef was pretty standard with the usual tricks.Nothin new, but the food was pretty good.
I had the tuna steak and he cooked it perfectly.Boyfy had a lobster and filet mignon dish.
I didn't try the lobster but his steak was good.Nothing was great.
Just good.During dinner, our server was up to her usual 'tricks'.Our app plates weren't even cleared until partway through our dinner show and refills took forever.
And by forever I mean my refill came AFTER she had already boxed up my leftovers...
seriously.Dessert: So she tells the whole table we get ice cream with our meal and then tells us about the flavors.
This couple on the end of the table were real excited to hear they had orange sherbet for some reason.
As she comes around to take our orders she suddenly realizes that we don't ALL get ice cream.
So she comes back and tells a few of us we don't get it free but if we still want it, we can pay for it.
Whatever.So when she brings all the ice cream out, she has to break it to the gentleman on the end (as he takes his first bite, mind you), "Oh the sherbet flavor isnt orange, it's actually mango.
" He says "Oh.wait.what?It's mango..." and she just looks at him and says, "Yeah it's mango.
" So he just nods and eats his dessert while his wife shakes her head.
lol All in all the experience was overpriced.The show was ok, the food was ok, the ambiance was good, and the service was bad.
I felt like someone should have been paying us to put up with this little girl and her attitude they had serving us.
Moral of the story: Stay far away from this place!
But not too far because Shiros is close by and u can actually have good food and a good experience there.
Pretty decor.Great for groups and very entertaining.You have to see the onion volcano.
But....you may need a full meal after you leave this place.
try Mcdonalds down the street.Overrated.If you want real hibachi, don't come here.
The "chef" had poor technique in cutting and serving.
I excused that by telling myself he was an amateur, maybe he was new, etc.
I was so bored at the table and nobody was paying attention to him at all.Everything was overpriced.
They won't seat you until they have gathered enough people for the table.When my friend asked why it was taking so long, the host just gave an asinine passive aggressive answer.
Shrimp: no tenderness whatsoever.No taste.Overcooked.They didn't even give me the right dressing for my salad.
In fact, I had to ask for the dressing which turned out to be the wrong one anyway.
They gave me white rice even though it said clearly that my meal came with brown rice.
After the exchange, I found that PF Chang serves better brown rice than Benihana does.
That's saying a lot, considering PFC is the most Americanized Chinese food you'll ever eat.
The only thing that redeemed them was they actually took a group picture for us and gave us a copy.
Benihana, you were full of win tonight.Maybe it's because we went just a tad earlier (6 PM) or that we had excellent tablemates -- a collection of 16 year old girls, dressed to the nines, who knew the menu (and also had a Chef's Table certificate) and didn't want to go through the usual menu/drinks presentation that is too reminiscent of the safety procedures you see when flying -- or perhaps we just hit things on a good night.
Service was exceptional; our waitress was polite, constantly refilled our water glasses (this is always huge for me, as a big water drinker), and didn't bat an eyelash at our dietary requests.
The chef was incredibly patient; even after one of the young ladies accidentally spilled her water glass on the grill, he requested replacement onions and yaki soba noodles.
The sad part was that when he finally finished the onions, nobody wanted them.
We completed our dining experience in a record 1.5 hours.It's not a race, but this was impressive.
We didn't feel rushed and were relieved that we didn't have to sit around waiting for people to get their drinks or for the check to come back.
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And using my Chef's Table certificate, we got $30 off the check and some crazy, succulent Chateau Briand that I reserve for my birthday.
This was just plain awesomesauce.Benihana is the quintessential hibachi restaurant.
Known the world over for its impressive cooking… Read more » Dinner and a show, all in one!
Not sure why everyone seems to be against Benihana.Yea, it is a chain, which I'm usually against; but the food is actually pretty good.
The prices are pretty normal for hibachi type of places but the portions might be slightly smaller.
Otherwise, I don't see any reason to complain.Our chef was very nice and did the obligatory tricks.
My chicken and steak combo was excellent, meats were perfectly cooked and very juicy.
Good choice for hibachi, although on the weekends the wait can be insane.So normally I go to the Benihana out in Manhattan, but that's only when I'm in the city for work, and normally I enjoy my service and food.
My boyfriend and I went to Benihana's in Westbury twice and we were terribly displeased before.
The first visit we had a boy that looked no older than 20 cooking our meal.He was very unpleasent, but the food tasted pretty well and we were pleased....
Until we got home.We were both fighting over who could use that restroom first.With that said we waited another year and we just went back in January for my birthday.
The new cook (whose name was Pedro) looked all of 25 this time (at least we're going up in age).
Pedro seemed to be better than the guy that we had the first time around.I ordered the filet mignon and my boyfriend ordered the tuna which he asked to speicifically be seared on the outside.
We repeated this to Pedro more than once once for him to cook the tuna fully.
We did notify the hostess and they made him another dish and he was pleased this time.
Fool me once...Shame on you...Fool me twice...Shame on me!!!I'm sticking to the Beni's in the city from now on.
WHATS THERE NOT TO LOVE!!Great food and such a great experience!!My family and I went here on a Friday night for my mom's birthday.
Even in the waiting room, it was busybusybusy!We had to wait a good fifteen minutes and during that time, I got myself a Shirley Temple (how cute, I know) and my older brother got sake.
At one point in the bar, the bartender dropped a bunch of glasses...
Ouch!I don't blame him though, it was really busy and people were practically pouncing on the bar.
Crazy!Finally, we were led to our table with another family.
Being that I had never been to a Benihana before, to see a white family sitting at where we were being led to -- awkward turtle.
We got our drinks and were introduced to our chef.He was very nice, a little timid, but I enjoyed the show, especially the heart he made out of rice haha.
Cute!I ordered the hibachi steak and California rolls.I was very pleased with the sushi!
The rice wasn't too sticky but just right.The hibachi, though, I was a little disappointed in.
It tasted like there was a little lack of flavor.But nevertheless, it was good eats.
What was funny though, was how the kids across from us started saying thank you after noticing a trend from us.
Supposedly, saying thank you means your kids are probably not born here?
LMAO okay...Nice place.If I come here again, I'd try the teriyaki steak.This place is definitely more exciting because of the people you are seated with at the hibachi table, rather than the actual food itself or the presentation.
Everything is very stanard - but over priced.The sushi, unfortunately, made me super sick and I wound up barfing it all up before our check was paid.
I definitely think Shiro down the road is a better bet.Come one, come all to trendy overrated hibachi novelty!
Upon entering, an attractive matre'd in a slinky little dress will sigh, brush her hair to the side and take down your name.
She'll then direct you towards a chic Manhattan like bar around the corner.
Even if you planned ahead like a good little diner and made reservations at 6..7:15...
8:45 ..on a thurs/fri/sat you'll still be waiting at least 15 mins.
Ample time for a sake-bomb.The chefs are good-- typical theatrics and nonsense.
Make an onion volcano spit flames...Toss things in the air.....
Pour sake....Throw food in customer's mouths...Repeat.I know I sound underwhelmed.
As much as I adore salty, buttery, overcooked hibachi-food it's failed to amuse me over the past year or so.
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Still, I could have had a working relationship with Benihana if the following didn't occur: I ordered something similar to salmon teriyaki dish and expected it to be thrown on the grill and cooked with the rest of the fleshy things.Instead, it came in it's own little bag for cookage.The chef put it on and cooked it for about 15-20 mins till it almost exploded.I sat there the entire time thinking.." Uhhhh what?You're cooking my food in a plastic bag?" Sure, I like my fish juicy..but that easily be achieved by skillful means that don't include putting it in a cooking bag!

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