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Georgia county jails

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Search for inmates in Georgia

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:: Gaia Tools ::.A collection of tools for GaiaOnline.I have a GaiaOnline account.
JavaScript seems to be disabled.Please enable it, as it is required to navigate Gaia Tools.
a collection of multiple tools for GaiaOnline.Some tools require Firefox.
Please get it as soon as possible...Clicking on an icon will lead you to the support thread for the corresponding tool.
Broken links ?Report them in the guild's main forum.All external links should open in new windows/tabs.
If that's not the case, report it in the main forum too.
Suggestions ?Here.Shoutboxes are images than can be put in your signature in a forum, and where people can post.
These shoutboxes offer a high level of customization, including a custom shoutbox base.
GaiArch is a Firefox extension for GaiaOnline, with many features including layout changes, sidebar customizer, quick reply, subscribed threads and notification icons on the toolbar, marketplace searcher on the toolbar as well, autotrack, quick smileys.
The Profile Archive lets you submit, edit, and try out Gaia profiles.
The Random Signatures service lets you create, edit, and manage random signature images.
The Sidebar Customizer allows you to customize GaiaOnline's sidebar, allowing you to add links, functions, whatever you want, as long as it's written in HTML.
Don't worry, the most useful HTML tags are avaliable to use in one click, just like you use BBCode.
Firefox and GreaseMonkey required...You can also download the pre-compiled version that just enlarges your avatar here.
The Page Popper (Weird name...) helps you surveying multiple pages on Gaia at once, such as multiple threads.
The Brains Counter is not the first of its kind, I'm sure you've already seen it.
Still, GaiaTools itself is now offering this service.
The Theme Database is an alternative to tektek.org's often too busy one.
The Theme Tester helps profile creators to create profiles without the hassle to test them and without running the risk to let other Gaians see their unfinished profile.
It also serves for curious Gaians who wish to preview a theme before using it.
The Storyline Archive holds the Gaian Storyline updates since April 2005.
The Link Fixer is a GreaseMonkey UserScript that fixes all redirection links on GaiaOnline threads, sigs, etc...
You might think it makes URL Redirector obsolete, but it doesn't, because not all Gaians have FireFox (alhough they should).
But it doesn't, since URL Redirector works for all browsers.
If you're looking for Frame Remover, it's here as well :3 The Randomizer allows you to generate random numbers, sort them, etc....
The Mass Quoter helps you building heavy & long mass-quoted messages.The Password Generator lets you generate a secure, lengthy password in a breeze...
The Code Tags Fixer is a FireFox Extension (You do not need GreaseMonkey !
) that replaces the [code:1] bug by standard [code] tags.
The Johari Window was invented by Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in the 1950s as a model for mapping personality awareness.
By describing yourself from a fixed list of adjectives, then asking your friends and colleagues to describe you from the same list, a grid of overlap and difference can be built up.
The Nohari Window is a challenging inversion of the Johari Window, using antonyms of the original words.
By describing your failings from a fixed list of adjectives, then asking your friends and colleagues to describe you from the same list, a grid of perceived and unrecognised weaknesses can be explored.
The Title Fixer is a FireFox Extension (You do not need GreaseMonkey !
) that remove the "Gaia Online ::" prefex and replaces it with "Gaia>", so that your tabs will make more sense, if you see what I mean...
;) Obsolete, Gaia changed its title.The Gaiapedia is the wiki made to document everything about Gaia Online, including guides, forums, the history of the storyline, and every tip, term, and tidbit of knowledge you need to keep up around gaia.
The Name Generator can help you find a name for your new creature/pet/character/whatever...
Credits : Greasemonkey Compiler by Anthony Lieuallen (http://www.
arantius.com/) Morpheus Theme created by phpBBStyles.com and distributed by Styles Database.
Banners and tools icons were created by c a u s t i c.Navigation icons, "Guild" button, and "Beta tester" button created by teh ebil ducky.
© Copyright 2006-2012 Étienne Pérot (Aka WindPower/WindPowa/WindyPower).
Works best in Firefox.This site is not related in any way to GaiaOnline.
It only provides tools for it.[Read more...]Therefore, you are advised to use a different password than your Gaian one for your GaiaTools account.
All external links open in new windows/tabs.If they don't, report it in this thread.
Report misleading/broken links there too.:: Gaia Tools :: GaiaOnline Profile Editor ::.
Please enable frames in order to use the profile editor.
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Upgrade now or more info.Sign in or sign up now!made for gaia people.
content of the video is not mine.made with windows movie maker.
(c) Ms Clockwork all rights reserved no flaming.no stealing.
-.this is good,but a css tutorial would be more helpful.
 ^^ Sign In or Sign Up now to post a comment!Ok so I hit theme then went on photobucket to get my photo on there...
but instead of the photo..it turned to panda's from gaia...
-.- HELP!highly inappropriate, don't you think?Clearly, I'm going to report you.
And yes, someone HAS asked for the song title, and if you had read the comments, you'd know that.
You'd also know that other people have answered the question.
You just wasted your time, and my own.How To make your Gaia Profile Cool.
Pt.2by LonleyGirl2470573 views Gaia gold hack EXPOSED!by ampix0228,094 views Gaiaonline: Noobs Cybering Caught on tape!
by ShogieMuffin450,617 views Your queue is empty.Add videos to your queue using this button: or sign in to load a different list.
Guides Make A Playlist Make A Profile 1.0 Make A Profile 2.0 Make A Profile 3.
0 Links tektek gaiacentral rose-colored.net heavenly-garden gaiatools.
com Was this website helpfull to you?Please let us know if this website was helpfull or not by clicking HERE!
MIDNIGHT LIGHTS HAS 124 LAYOUTS AND COUNTING!!!If this is your first time to MidnightLights, welcome!
We are a non-profit website that hosts premade profile layouts for the website known as GaiaOnline.
com MLG hosts over a hundred premade layouts from other Gaia members, including helpful guides for you to learn how to create your own Gaia profile layout.
The staff here at MLG take free profile requests from other members, and never charge for the layouts they create.
If you want to make a request please do!Or just look at all the layouts that we currently have to offer!
MidnightLights was created at first as a HTML help site for members of Neopets.
com.However, in 2006 the owner pretty much left Neopets to join this wonderful crazy website known as gaiaonline.
com.After looking and looking for layouts for her own profile, and finding none she really liked, the maker decided it was time to begin coding again.
Thus the MLG website was changed to host her layouts, as well as guides for other users to create their own profiles (should they not find exactly what you would like anywhere else).
After a few years the first staff member was hired on, the makers (Chii) own sister.
A year later another staff member was added, and so on.Today MLG still hires on more staff to provide gaia members with even more unique layouts both premade and by request by way of its growing staff.
This has been a breif boring history of how MLG came to be.
If you find something you do not like, let us know.
If you find something you think we need, let us know.Please know that this website is not a extention of gaiaonline, therefore you should NEVER give out your password for your Gaia account and that our staff will NEVER ask you for it when you place a request.
01/04/12- Happy New Year everyone!!!!The staff at MLG hope you had an epic holiday season!
We sure did!MLG is fast on its way to becoming something much bigger then I had ever thought possible.
During the 2011 year the MLG site not only trippled in site hits, it evolved by adding staff.
Vaxt, Angel, and Wolf joined Grey and I as MLG staff.
And our newest and last staff to join during 2011 are Yuki and Orders.
Welcome new staff members!So, now MLG has seven staff working to help bring you more layouts and fill more requests.
Is that not a beautiful thing?!2011 also brought new changes to the websites design, as well as some nifty add-ons.
I would like to quickly take this moment to give you an idea of where MLG is heading for the new year, 2012.
As well as thank everyone for suporting MLG by visiting, using our layouts, telling others, and putting in requests so our staff don't get bored!
I said before that MLG is becoming something bigger then I had ever thought possible, and its really all thanks to you Gaia members using MLG.
Thank you!Here is a glimps of whats to come to MLG during the 1st period of 2012: + More Layouts!
(Duh) + Better Guides!(It's about time) + More Giveaways and Contests!
+ Better website Design!+ More access to other Gaia help websites we think are awesome!
Here are 'some' of this updates newest layouts for you to use!
Click on the icons to go have a look at the new layouts the MLG staff has provided.
And I promise there will be more, exciting things.My mind is just baffled at the moment thinking of all the work I have yet to do in order to finish this update.
This month we bring you more layouts from the MLG staff, including some requested layouts by Gaia members.
Please be sure to welcome the new staff whos avi's are on the right hand side.Thanks again everyone for you hard work!
-Chii 12/02/11- Yay!107 layouts!We have passed our 100th layout (we acutaly did back in Late October but with my laptop troubles lost of the work = - =) and have some new updates as well!
  • Charles B Webster Detention Center 1941 Phinizy Road Augusta 30906 (706) 821-1101
As a big thank you, those who are members of the MLG fan club will receive some gaia virtual items!
If you are not a Fan you can become one for free in order to snap future items by visting the 'request a profile' page to the right.
This months updates are the 13 new layouts we have for you, which can be viewed below my words.
Also, the Profile Guide 3.0 Is updated, and a 4.0 guide is currently being made by me and should be available by new years.
Our past request forum had some bugs, and would not even load in some cases.
So I decided to change the entire set up.Please check it out by viewing the Request Forum!
We are nearing the 5,000 hit views (but really its nearly 7,000...
I cleared the counter back in January like a boss), which is pretty sweet.
MLG has a new staff member to offer named darkwolf1173, welcome to the MLG staff!
My, my...we just keep growing dont we?!We look forward to your layouts and the help you are providing to help MLG reach its goal of being the largest gaia profile layout host and more.
I will end this by thanking Grey, who has been working very hard with me on this months update dispite her having a bad cold d: Thanks Grey!
And to those of you reading this, or having just swung by for the first time...
Thank you for visiting!P.s: If your reading this you should contact me more...
Hope you feel better soon!You know who you are o; -Chii 11/10/11- In just about an hour our website will be live again after the update, and the date will be 11/11/11....
crazy!Kinda crazy the perfect timing I know...did not realize the date until just now haha!
The websites new update has a few new things for you, some of which are very easy to spot.
The music in the top left is just a temp, through December at least.Grey and I will be adding more songs for you to skim through and choose from over the weekend.
We decided our 100th layout will be posted on December 1st, on which day anyone who is on the list of 'Fans of MLG' will be getting a much needed thank you from us (thats codeword for gift people xD ).
So you still have three weeks to sign up xD.This update however we do have a few lovely new layouts for you.
They all come from our newest staff member, xAngelKiddyx!Please make sure you welcome her.
She makes some beautiful layouts people, and we are very proud and lucky to have her as staff.
Her layouts can be found by clicking any of the images below.
Also, a member of Gaiaonline (Asastsuya) has also asked we place one of her lovely layouts up for others to use, yay!
Check out her awesome profile by clicking the image below.
Chickies Layouts: Grey has been working hard to re-code chickies layouts so you members of Gaia can still use them.
If your using her codes they wont work very soon, so youll only be able to get them here.
Grey has around a dozen coded already but we decided we would do a sort of semi-mass upload of these at the start of next year.
Maybe sooner...just depends.We are still wanting to add a chatroom, but until Decembers update please enjoy the new things we have added.
As always guys really, thank you for coming!Some of you visit daily, we cant thank you enough.
Until December....stay cool!-Chii 10/04/11- Hallo everyone!Welcome to the new and improved Midnight Lights!
We have changed our look just in time for the Holidays (early) ^ - ^ Last time we hosted the beautiful, most awesome anime known as Naruto!
This time we have Hetalia, a fast paced anime comedy!Grey and I worked hard to get you this update, and we hope you like the changes.
Over the next couple updates you will be seeing more and more of Chickies beautiful profiles available here for you to use!
Chickie, the owner or rose-coloured.net, will no longer have her beautiful profiles available for you soon.
So, with her permission, MLG will be hosting some (if not most) of her layouts here, for everyone to use!
We will be the only place where you can find, and use her lovely profiles ^ - ^ I realise this is a long update so let me end with a quick recap of whats new for you, as well as a little message from us staff at MLG.
We are still hiring for staff so please check out THIS for more information.
Very very soon we will reach 100 premade layouts!When we do bells will ring, fireworks will shoot out in the sky, babies will cry...
well, maybe not the last part.Or any of it...but still!When MLG reaches 100 layouts we will have many extras for MLG fans (sign up at the request a layout page, its free!
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), including giveaways and what not.On behalf of the staff here at MLG, thank you SO much for using MLG as your source for layouts, links, guides, and more.We can't do it without you, we wouldnt continue without you.You guy's rock!-Chii Site Designed by iChiiChobit.Version 5.0 10/04/2011 AniHQ, GAIA Online and all images associated with GAIA Online are © Copyright 2003 - 2011 Gaia Interactive, Inc.All Rights Reserved.This is a PHP tool created by a user/member of Gaiaonline.com, it enables a member to create a profile theme with images they create themselves to generate a simple CSS code to copy and paste into the THEME override area of Gaiaonline.

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