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County heb birthday cakes bakery

Each year we bake 1.54 billion slices of bread at H-E-B's Bread Plants.Laid end to end, that's enough bread to stretch to the moon and back!And every day at our H-E-B Bakeries, we bake fresh Pan Frances, artisan breads, and homestyle tortillas.You'll also find a wide selection of tempting treats: sugar-free, gluten-free, and kosher snacks.

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Fresh pies, cakes, and cookies.And of course our hand-crafted cakes made specially for your next birthday party, holiday, or other special event.Start planning your cake online, then hand it off to the H-E-B Bakers.20935 US Hwy.281 N.Now in seven stores: Order and pay for your cake online.Then pick it up at the H-E-B Bakery!Not close to these stores?You can order and pay for your cake at your local H-E-B Bakery instead.

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inmate searchUse our Cake Planner to design your cake.Then print your plan and take it to your local store.Have an Account?Log in!See what departments and services are available at an H-E-B near you.Save time on dessert with fresh treats from our bakery.The content you were attempting to view is available only to customers logged in to their H-E-B online account.
If you have an account, please log in below.If you do not have an account, you can create one now and then access the content you wished to view.
Ready to plan your cake or bakery tray?Pick a category to get started.The classic birthday or party cake.
Select your cake size.Choose from the flavor, filling, and frosting options.Add a message if you'd like.
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Then the H-E-B Bakery will take care of all the rest.

Planning for a special someone who loves SpongeBob, Tinkerbell, Spider-Man, or another popular character from TV and movies?GDC allanah starr jerk.
Then you'll want one of our special-themed cakes.They look great, and they taste even better.
Our signature gourmet cakes are decadent delights perfect for any special occasion.
You'll find the cakes fabulously rich-without a rich price.Or choose a bakery tray with an elegant selection of cookies, cake slices, bagels, pastries, or other treats.
Cake Ordering now available in Houston and San Antonio!All cake orders outside of the two San Antonio pilot stores must be completed in-store or over the phone.
Have an Account?Log in!Find an H-E-B Bakery in your area.The content you were attempting to view is available only to customers logged in to their H-E-B online account.
If you have an account, please log in below.If you do not have an account, you can create one now and then access the content you wished to view.
Check out some of our favorite creations.You'll find even more options at your neighborhood H-E-B Bakery.
Certain bakery items are not available in all stores.Some bakery items with fresh fruit are limited to seasonal availability.
We start with a 10-inch, four-layer white cake, frost it with sweet cream cheese icing, and cover it with white chocolate shavings.
From the rich fudge icing to an abundance of chocolate shavings, this 10-inch cake is chocolate to the extreme.
This 10-inch white cake is generously layered with Bavarian crème, then crowned with a refreshing fruit top.
Offers a little bit of everything so everyone is happy.This 8-inch cheesecake includes 3 individual slices of the following flavors: caramel turtle, amaretto, strawberries and cream, plus New York plain for a total of 12 slices.
Our traditional 1/4 sheet sponge cake frosted with real whip cream icing and topped with fresh strawberries and peaches.
Serves 20 to 24.A sweet end to a Sunday dinner.Fresh strawberries sit on top of our moist white cake layered with delicious Bavarian crème.
Serves 20 to 24.This 8-inch cheesecake melts in your mouth and delights the taste buds with a swirl of strawberry flavor throughout.
Garnish with your favorite fresh fruit.Multiple layers of masterpiece mousse blended with rich coffee liqueur between layers of white cake topped with whip cream and dark chocolate shavings.
Serves 8 to 12.White cake centered between chocolate cake with layers of rich dark and white chocolate buttercream icing.
Serves 8 to 12.These petite 5-inch chocolate cakes are available in a variety of flavors sure to please, such as German Chocolate and Triple Chocolate Mousse.
Cute for the kids!Our 5-inch monster cake is available in white or chocolate cake with your choice of elite or buttercream icing — in your child's favorite colors.
Treat your friends and family to these white or chocolate cupcake delights with your choice of elite (whipped cream) or buttercream icing.
And don't forget the sprinkles!Try our 12-inch round message cookies.
From happy birthday to happy graduation, let us customize an oversized cookie for you.
For the romantic at heart.Fresh and luscious strawberries, dipped in milk chocolate and white chocolate.
Layers of chocolate cake with strawberry and chocolate dobash filling.
Frosted with buttercream icing, Le Patissier icing, and fresh strawberries.
 Large serves 16. Small serves 6.Layers of chocolate cake with chocolate dobash and raspberry filling generously covered with Le Patissier icing and chocolate shavings.
 Large serves 16. Small serves 6.Sweet raspberry filling tops four layers of moist white cake that's surrounded with mouth watering cream cheese icing.
Sides adorned with white chocolate shavings. Large serves 16.
 Small serves 6.A definite morning favorite.Enjoy your choice of flavors: plain, sesame seed, blueberry, or cinnamon raisin.
Serves 12.Good morning delicious!Includes strudel and coffee cake bites, mini croissants, and an oversized blueberry muffin.
Serves 30.Rich, chewy, and oh so scrumptious.Our brownie assortment includes chocolate fudge, chocolate fudge with pecans, cream cheese, and German chocolate.
Serves 16.Small in size, big in flavor.Choose from peanut butter, macadamia nut, cranberry nut, oatmeal raisin, and chocolate chunk.
Includes 51 cookies.Buttery and flaky pastries with your choice of fillings: Bavarian crème, lemon, apple, pineapple, strawberry, or raspberry.
Includes 36 pastries.Tasty twosome.Assorted flavors of buttery pound cake paired with perfectly sized brownies that you'll gobble up in two bites.
Includes 64 pieces.Get everyone's day off to a sweet start with mini muffins, strudel bites, and an oversized blueberry muffin.
Serves 36.Perfect for any holiday.Assortment includes sugar and thumbprint cookies.
Sandtarts are also available.Includes 24 cookies.Perfect on their own or with an H-E-B deli platter.
Assortment includes mini Kaiser rolls, finger rolls, and croissants.
Includes 36 rolls.Have an Account?Log in!Find an H-E-B Bakery in your area.
Start your order online, and we'll handle the rest.The content you were attempting to view is available only to customers logged in to their H-E-B online account.
If you have an account, please log in below.If you do not have an account, you can create one now and then access the content you wished to view.
Every day you'll find our artisan breads are made from scratch with a long, slow natural fermentation.
Selections include olive oil infused ciabatta, densely flavored pumpernickel, and assorted rolls, baguettes, and breads—all fresh-baked and wonderfully aromatic.
Pan Frances bread is the perfect accompaniment to everyday dinners and special occasions.
Baked fresh throughout the day, it's guaranteed to be hot and fresh from 4 to 7 p.
m.or it's free.Have special dietary restrictions?We feature a variety of sugar-free items, as well as gluten-free brownies and cookies that are all natural, great tasting, and approved by the Celiac Sprue Association.
Planning a party?Order a custom cake that's sure to delight the crowd.Our talented bakers can accommodate a variety of requests.
Start your order online.Then take your completed form in-store, and our H-E-B Bakers will handle the rest.
Looking for inspiration?You'll find it in our amazing selection of cakes and pastries.
Have an Account?Log in!Find an H-E-B Bakery in your area.The content you were attempting to view is available only to customers logged in to their H-E-B online account.
If you have an account, please log in below.If you do not have an account, you can create one now and then access the content you wished to view.
[AUS] Best (tasting) birthday cake?- Austin - Chowhound » Dallas - Ft.
Worth » Dallas - Ft.Worth » New York State (exc.New York City) » Miami - Ft.
Lauderdale [AUS] Best (tasting) birthday cake?We've had birthday cakes for my kids from Lucy's and Sweetish Hill, and while both looked pretty, neither place made a cake that I would call particularly tasty.
From Lucy's we've tried both the strawberry cake and the chocolate, and we just got a black & white (chocolate cake with cream cheese icing) from Sweetish Hill.
All fairly flavorless.I'd get something fancy-schmancy like a tres leches, but these are for my children, who like decorations.
Am I better off just getting a cake from HEB?While my favorite cake in Austin is either 1886 Cafe or The Bread Alone Bakery in Schlotsky's on Lamar, for a b-day cake I would suggest Central Market or Whole Foods.
-Ellen aka Queen of Sky (queenofsky.net) We got a tres leches birthday cake from HEB for our son's birthday and it was delicious.
But I hear Costco makes good cakes, too.try the Gateau Marisa, a strawberry cream cake, from Upper Crust Bakery.
it's divine and great for birthdays.you have to order it in advance.
for chocolate lovers, their Grandma's Chocolate Cake is great as well.
i just checked their web site.the gateau marisa has alcohol.
you might want to see if they can make it without for the kids.
or try their other cakes.they are all pretty good and look great.For my birthday recently my girlfriend got me the Black & White and the Venezulan (sp) chocolate cake from Sweetish Hill.
I agree on the B&W being flavorless but the chocolate cake there was fantastic with a super strong chocolate flavor and a bit heavier than mousse mouth feel.
By Carter B.on Oct 17, 2006 07:59 PM That Venezuelan chocolate torte sounds fantastic, although probably not good for kids since it has booze in it.
I might try it just for me, though.An HEB Tres Leches might be tasty.
Will they decorate it like a normal old cake?Chez Zee may be a pedestrian choice, but their cakes are hella good.
Especially awesome is the Lemon Rosemary cake.WARNING: The management has been pretty jerky in the past.
YMMV.If money isn't really an issue (not that she's that expensive), and you can wait to special order your cake, the best bet is Michelle's Patisserie for cake.
She did my wedding cake, but she does other events, and her tres leches is a dream.
She decorates, too, though I don't know how much she charges for a birthday cake.
She's super nice, though, so if this sounds like it's up your alley, seriously, give her a call.
Everyone at my wedding went crazy over the cake.Favorite Austin Desserts?
(45 replies) best bakery for a birthday cake?(17 replies) Story Final Face-Off in Our Best Brewpub Bracket!
Story Is Beer on Tap Really the Best?» Kaffir Lime Leaves - Lowell?
» Joanne Kates is leaving the Globe!» Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge..
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David@heb.com H-E-B Foods 32.433352 -99.759322 14 http://local.
yahoo.com/info-19496051-heb-foods-abilene 3 4 http://maps.yahoo.com/ http://maps.
yahoo.com/broadband/ http://login.yahoo.com/config/login?.done=http%3A%2F%2Flocal.
yahoo.com%2Finfo-19496051-heb-foods-abilene {"metadata":{"statusCode":200,"statusMessage":"OK"},"results":{"status":"ok","result":[],"params":{"eid":"19496051","offset":"0","limit":"12","appid":"ylocal"},"total":1}} yl-none No reviews for H-E-B Foods.
Are you sure you want to delete this review comment?it was nice that i could find everything that i need, but ihated that i had to wait in line for 30min to check out and th...
I like to shop at H-e-b ,the people there are real nice .They have great products .
Sometimes I like to take my grandaughter...I like to shop at H-e-b ,the people there are real nice .
They have great products .Sometimes I like to take my grandaughter there and get her picture taken .
also have a big collection on their baby items .I ordered my nieces first birthday cake from the bakery at HEB.
Service was okay...there was one person in the bakery to take ...
I ordered my nieces first birthday cake from the bakery at HEB.
Service was okay...there was one person in the bakery to take orders when I ordered so you had to wait a bit, not too long though.
They got the order wrong though.I just let it go and took the very expensive birthday cake because there was not enough time to have them fix it.
Oops!review have to be longer than 50 characters Oops!review have to be shorter than 4000 characters Writing review in progress ...
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How to turn this off Real people.Real reviews.® Search for (e.
g.taco, cheap dinner, Max's) "And they have combos that also include bubble tea.
" In 25 reviews "lots of enticing mini cupcakes and bubble tea." In 10 reviews "My fiancÚ got my birthday cake from here.
" In 7 reviews I decided to recommend this place for lunch with my coworkers after reading the reviews on Yelp and browsing their menu.
The reviews don't lie, this place is awesome!I really couldn't decide on what to initially get and settled for the Asian Chicken sandwich.
The sauce was excellent and the chicken was moist and tender and very tasty.I also had a taro bubble tea that was pretty decent.
My coworkers got the Cuban sandwich and said it was pretty good.
The staff was very friendly and dropped by to check if everything was good and to refill drinks.
I really enjoy this kind of service and I can't wait to go back for more!
Not what I thought it would be at first, but after i got over the lack of bakery settings i got to the food and the bubble tea.
So their popular item is for sure the Bubble tea, and I know why.
It tastes exactly like the flavor you order, like the strawberry is out of this world it's so good, and the prices are very reasonable.
My first time going they gave us a large no extra charge just because he made too much by accident.
And their sandwiches are really good.The grilled chicken rocked my world, just be careful there's a jalapeno in there they they don't tell you about!
The place is nice, you gotta check it out.Update: Soooo I'v been here pretty much once a week since i made that review, and I have to move up to 5 stars.
I am getting to know the owners and they are some of the nicest people...
  • Charles B Webster Detention Center 1941 Phinizy Road Augusta 30906 (706) 821-1101
EVER, and their cupcakes are to DIE for.Try the mocha cupcake, you will never have a better one.
My fiancÚ is obsessed with their cake balls, I just ordered him a mint chocolate cake from Lux topped with cake balls, and I'm sure it will rock his world.
Review from THE DREADLOCK STUDIO S.I have found confection bliss!Not only are the sugar cookies little works of art, they are sooooooo tasty!
The service was excellent, the owner took the time to chat and answer a couple questions about wedding cake services.
Extra points for not being too busy to have a pleasant and informative conversation with a customer.
The creative cafe menu is sure to please the luncheon crowd.
We love, love, love the hand painted wall decor.This place has Class and is sure to become a South Austin treasure.
Mocha cupcake is perfection.The frosting is absolutely amazing.I take trips over there just for that and am sad when there is none left :( Great happy hour for bubble drinks.
I prefer a smoothie consistency (which I haven't quite found the right balance of milk and fruit yet at Lux).
I would also like the pearls a bit softer, and I like mine warm.But, a good product that can't be beat for the price.
It's so nice to see a small business bloom.Keep up the work :) After spending a week trying to find the perfect birthday cake for a friend, I opted to have a bakery to make the perfect one for me instead and Lux did not disappoint me.
The pricing is reasonable, but more importantly, the cake was just delicious.
I got a cake with a serving size for 8 to 12 (even though it was just the two of us), but I was completely tasty and moist and delicious.
I would recommend the chocolate cake with the cream cheese icing.
You won't regret it!this review is basically just for the Thai iced tea w/ boba...
- too much ice - made from a powder - too sweet (unless you let the ice melt all the way) - boba was decent.
a bit tougher than it should be.Comment from Tim and Ann L.of Lux Bakery & Cafe 7/19/2011    « Hide Brian: Thanks for your feedback.
Did you know you can ask… More » Brian: Thanks for your feedback.
Did you know you can ask for less ice, and less sweet?We use a special Thai tea that contains spices mixed with Darjeeling black tea.
We do not use "traditional" brewed thai tea because it has proven far less popular in taste to most customers in the past.
Feel free to try another flavor if you decide to come back.
My boyfriend and I came here on a Thursday afternoon for dessert.
I had only seen ads for this place and thought we should give it a try.
When we arrived, I was surprised to see that there wasn't much in the "bakery" section, and what they did have was either a) very tiny, or b) a bit pricey.
I settled on a small cupcake and almond bubble tea.They were both ok; I expected them to rock my socks off but...
it wasn't anything special.The parking was good though.The place was clean, the staff friendly.
I really wanted this place to 'wow' me :/ Perhaps we'll give it a second try with their lunch menu.
Comment from Tim and Ann L.of Lux Bakery & Cafe 7/5/2009    « Hide Sorry you didn't have a wow experience -- we hope you do try us again and leave with a better impression.
We have over a dozen different baked items daily including cupcakes, cookies, scones, hand-iced cookies, brownies, krispies, cheesecakes, cake balls, lemon bars, chocolate cups, and more.
Everything is baked in house (we bake daily).All of our bakery items are under $5.
00 (all cookies and mini cupcakes are under a $1, most are under $2) making it a very affordable place to stop and eat.
Though businesses rarely can control their own parking, I'm glad you found something you liked.
I had a groupon and used it to order a Christmas cake.I was heading out of town and wanted to bring a dessert.
I missed out on the madcake groupon so I thought I would give Luxe a try.I ordered a vanilla cake with vanilla icing.
I asked for Christmas decorations on it and they gave me a wonderfully decorated red and green cake with a chocolate Christmas mouse in the center.
They did a great job and packed the cake so that it made it through a 14 hour drive.
My family loved it.I went here for the Ban Mi and Chocolate Chip cookies.
The bread was not crispy on the outside which is a must for a proper Ban Mi and the pork was REHEATED!
Argh!The chocolate chip cookies were over priced and had no soul.Wahhhh!I will definitely be back to try this place.
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We nipped in here really quick for a quick bite.the banh mi sandwich was really good and fresh - it doesn't compare to my all time favorite Lulu's but it does a great job.the service was quick and friendly.There's lots of little treats to tempt you - prepackaged stuff if you want to save for later or gift someone.lots of enticing mini cupcakes and bubble tea.This was the 1st stop on our "cupcake adventure." My son and I went out tasting cupcakes, doing "research" to decide where to order his birthday cupcake-cake.

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