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An excellent smoker can be built in no time by using standard 8”x 8” x 16” concrete blocks.A firm support base is required and square patio stones of 12”, 16”, or 18” that are available at garden centers can be successfully used.Even bigger prefabricated concrete slabs 30” x 30” that are used to support outside air-conditioning heat pumps are commonly available in warehouses with building supplies.

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They may make an installation look prettier but are not neccessary, a bare ground is fine.Just grade it well so it is levelled.The construction does not include using mortar, just arranging blocks in the manner that will be most practical and a separate fire pit built from blocks is provided.This way the entire smoking chamber can be utilized for smoking meats and the entire process will be easy to control and more enjoyable.

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inmate searchNothing stops you from using mortar and making it a permanent structure but a strong suggestion will be to try it out a few times and make some observations that may help you with any future decisions regarding building a permanent smoker.This is a totally flexible design and imagine that you are building a smoker like a child who is erecting a house using little building blocks.
This is how this smoker is built and the only difference is that our concrete blocks are slightly bigger: 8’’ x 8” x 16”.
The needed materials are available from a building supply store and the final cost will be incredibly low.
The easiest and fastest way to support the smoke sticks (not the screens) is to place them directly on the top of the smoker.
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The sticks should be 1” in diameter as they act as spacers now, separating the top of the smoker from the cardboard or wooden cover that rests on it.

This creates an ample space for the smoke to exit from the smoker.GDC bootz from flav of love photos.
This also limits us to two smoke sticks (one level).An old potatoe burlap sack has been used for that purpose for hundreds of years.
Of course a flattened piece of cardboard or a piece of plywood can be used as well.
A metal lintel about 1/8” thick is placed in front on top of the #1 layer.
It’s purpose is to support the subsequent concrete block levels.
As this will slightly raise (1/8”) the front block, it is advisable to put some spacers (wood is fine) under all blocks in # 2 layer, to bring the whole floor to the same level.
Spacers can be of the same size as the block, 8” x 16” or smaller (8” x 8”) and placed wherever needed to make the floor level.
Of course the spacers must be of the same thickness as the lintel.
There is no need for spacers when using mortar.Note: the block laying style repeats itself, uneven layers 1, 3, 5 have one pattern, even layers 2, 4, 6 have another one.
There are 5 blocks in # 1 level, all others require 6 blocks.
In a six floor configuration a total of 35 blocks are used for the smoker and 7 blocks for the fire pit.
Neither masonry bricks, mortar, half blocks or any tools are needed.
As the fire pit is on the same plane as the smoker in order to achieve enough draft, the smoker is built of six floors and is 48” high which makes it a comfortable height to work with.
It will also work if the height is limited to 5 block levels (40”) and if more draft is needed, an extra floor can be added in a matter of minutes.
The blocks can be spaced so that every other row can have two blocks projecting inward from the wall on each side of the smoker.
This arrangement creates support for the smoke sticks, screens or racks.
The smoke sticks can now be 5/8” diameter and we can use a combination of racks and sticks as this slight misplacement of blocks has doubled up the amount of product that can be smoked now.
There are only 7 blocks needed to construct the fire pit which is freely attached to the smoker front wall.
Any little smoke coming from the connection is negligible as long as there is smoke coming out of the chamber.
A wet old towel can be placed over the connection where the fire pit and smoker come together.
A fire pit may be attached to the smoker with a mortar.As the concrete block is not designed to withhold high temperatures it is to be expected that once in a while one of the fire pit concrete blocks might crack.
Obviously, the most practical solution is to replace it with a different one and go on happily smoking like before.
Once smoking is completed, the cooking process begins and a long stem thermometer must be inserted between blocks or through the top cover.
The temperature control and amount of heat generated is obtained by moving burning wood closer or away from the entrance to the smoker.
A very practical solution is to place an inexpensive propane camping burner inside of the fire pit which will provide a lot of heat on demand and a very fine temperature control.
This is a fully functional and easy to operate smoker capable of producing smoked meats of the highest quality and it should not be judged by its looks.
Resting smoke sticks on two separate levels creates enough capacity to smoke about 22 lbs (10 kg) of meats.
Its inside space is only 0.7 cubic (0.18 cubic meter) foot smaller than that of a typical metal drum.
The following smokehouse was designed in 1965 by the North Dakota State University and the U.
S.Dept.of Agriculture.This is a big walk - in smokehouse requiring a foundation reaching below the frost line.
This is the depth where water can still be found frozen depending on a particular geographical location.
This plan is very similar to the # 5695 Frame Smokehouse, the difference being in the materials used for construction.
This is a classical design of a smokehouse that has been used in Europe and later in the USA for centuries.
About 10’ high, ventillation on both sides, # 30 mesh screen on the inside and a hinged door on the outside.
A removable utility bench inside and the barrel with salt in the corner.
The smokehouse is built using standard size concrete blocks 8” x 8” x 16” which make the project inexpensive and easy to complete.
It is almost like building a small house – foundation, concrete walls and a wooden roof that can be covered with shingles.
The floor is made of 4” concrete, the door covered on the inside with sheet metal.
The advantage of this design is an excellent insulation and a very strong design.
Using gas for fuel and placing two strong burners inside it will make it possible not only to smoke products inside but cook them as well to the required inside meat temperature of 152° - 160° F.
This type of smokehouse is an overkill for a home sausage maker but becomes a very attractive proposition for someone who wants to make products for sale.
Commercially made smokehouses of this capacity will be very costly and the main difference will be in used materials-stainless steel, computer control, automatic showering and all types of advanced settings.
All those functions can be easily accomplished by using a few thermometers and obeying the basic rules of smoking meats.
The proper curing of meats before smoking is more important than all the bells and whistles that come with an expensive industrial unit.
Another advantage is that there is almost no maintanance as the smokehouse is so simple.
If including this type of smokehouse in a regular meat processing operation it would be a good idea to submit the plans to the local fire department to see what changes may be needed.
They may require a concrete slab roof instead of the framed one, different thickness of the floor, or some additional drain to be installed.
This type of design has proven itself for hundreds of years and cannot be beaten.Many professional butchers use their own brick layered smokehouses with a great deal of success.
In my youth, the smokehouse was out the back door of the home I lived in.
There was always Sausage, bacon and ham in that smokehouse.
It was one of those things in life that I just took for granted like so many things of my youth.
I loved that smokehouse, the smells were unforgettable and oh the taste of that ham.
You can create those same smokehouse memories today: For every skill level of "Do It Yourself" there is a smokehouse or food smoker design available.
Some smokehouse designs are complex and some food smoker designs are extremely simplistic.
Have you ever been to a restaurant and ordered a plate full of succulent, mouth watering, fall off the bone, ribs?
Create that same wonderful smell and flavor in your own home.
The wonderful taste of fantastic smoked BBQ is only beaten, when you do it yourself.
Now you have the opportunity to not only smoke foods you love, but to build your very own smoker or smokehouse.
There are many types, styles and ways to build a smoker and I am going to show you as many as possible.
How To Build A Smokehouse or Food Smoker...About Meat Smoking and Smokehouse Design...
How To Build A Smokehouse or Food Smoker...About Meat Smoking and Smokehouse Design...
Building a Cold Smoker - Smokehouse Comb...The StoveTop smoker is for all seasons a...
“Intelligence is something we are born with.BBQ'ing is a skill that must be learned" - Edward de Bo” The wonderful flavor of smoked meat and smoked cheese is something that most of us love.
Is the price at the grocery store more than you are willing to spend on a regular basis?
If so, what is the answer?Build your own food smoker or smokehouse!If you have decided to build a smoker, what do you need?
the first consideration is, what are you going to smoke in your new smoker?
Do you plan to use your smoker to cold smoke or hot smoke your meat and other items?
Fish and poultry is usually hot smoked and needs a temperature of 190 degrees to 200 degrees, of course this depends on the recipe you choose to use.
Most meats and cheese are cold smoked usually at a temperature around 90 degrees.
The above are guidelines and there are always exceptions.If you want to smoke cook meat for to days meal, you would cook your roast while smoking it ...
Hot Smoked.Cold smoking adds flavor and preservation to the meat.
Location is the second consideration.No matter how much you might love the smell from a great Bar-B-Que, you may not want that smell through out your home in the summer months when the windows are open.
You want to be able to locate your new smoker or smoke house far enough from the house so the distance and wind can eliminate the smoke.
Portable smokers are not usually a problem; you just move it to the location before use.
If you are looking to build a permanent smokehouse, then you need to give this a great deal of consideration before you start building.
Size now becomes the third consideration.How much will you be smoking at one time?
Are you going to be smoking large items like turkeys or small items like blocks of cheese or sausage links?
If you only intend to smoke items like sausages then you could design you smokehouse narrower and taller.
If you want to smoke large items like turkeys and roast then you would want a larger floor area for your smoker.
At this point you probably can understand why many of us that love to create smoked foods also have a number of different types of smokers.
Welcome to the wonderful world of the smokehouse Building a Smokehouse does not need to be complicated or expensive.
If you are even a little handy with tools you can build a smoke house today!
Build a normal structure type building of the size you need and put good insulation on the walls.
Purchase the cheapest materials that you can possibly locate.I know, concrete is not cheap so what about the floor?
The truth is, your smokehouse does not need a floor, you can place if on bare ground.
When you have your box building built, cut a hole about 12 inches up from the bottom big enough to accept a 3" double wall heater vent.
Now on the opposite wall repeat this at the top of your structure and place a cap on the pipe.
Add some racks, hooks and shelves inside you new building and you are almost ready to go.
The next step is to build a fire box outside from your building to connect to the intake vent you cut into your smokehouse building.
Remember the one you placed about 12" from the ground?
You need to place this box far enough from the building to warm the building inside to about 90 degrees with the roof vent opened full.
When you close the roof vent the building should be able to reach 170 to 200 degrees.
This distance and the size of your fire box will be how you get within the temperature range.
There, not really very hard to build a smokehouse Before you look further into building a smoke house, I feel obligated to include this piece of advise for anyone that is considering building a permanent structure as a smoke house.
You need to check with your local agencies about zoning considerations.
Different localities will have different restrictions.You may need to place your smokehouse a minimum distance from your property line.
materials used may be dictated by local law, such as using flame retardant materials.
Are you going to have running water of electric installed in your smoke house?
If so, these will be a consideration that may need to be approved through local law.
Even if your smoker is portable, you might get a visit from the local authorities if someone complains about the smoke at all hours.
You need to consider your neighbors before you place that nice butt on to smoke-cook for 12 hours.
The best book about building smokehouses using anything from old refrigerators, barrels, masonry blocks and some creative materials.
What causes this book to be heads above other smokehouse books is the volumes of knowledge about smoking meats provided by Stanley Marianski, More than 100 detailed drawings and 50 photographs guiding you through the building and smoking processes and the confidence the book instills through its professionalism and readability for any level of expertise.
The first half of the book describes the basic principles of smoking, curing, cooking, storing and smoking meats and poultry.
The second half helps you, through highly detailed and comprehensive designs, build your own smokehouse.
Amazon Price: $29.95 (as of 05/20/2012) The information is written in a clear to understand and follow language.
The information is first class and accurate.There are so many books on the market about meat processing, making sausages and many other meat related subjects that it is a real pleasure to see once in a great while a book of this sort actually worth reading and gaining knowledge from it.
I have seen this book offered on other sites for as much as $28.99!If you love traditional smoked food barbecue like me, then this is your grill.
Don't you love that smooth smoky flavor wood gives to all your Bar-B-Que foods?
This is a do-it-yourself welding project that won't cost a fortune to build.
Free Guide to Build Your Own Texas Grill Here is a quick look inside the smokehouse.If you don't find it here, you can request what your looking for and get a look at it in a couple seconds.
This is a very common type smoker that you can find at any number of outlets.They are easy to use and convenient for a lot of folks.
These also come in different sizes and of course different price ranges.
I got one that is a medium size some where around 36"x20" for the cooking surface.
You can buy these with an outside firebox and they are great starter units that run around $200.
00 If you would like this style and you are handy then check out The Texas Style BBQ Plans A great Story about building a Smokehouse and using it.
"Smoke houses are one of those curious family traditions.Either you grew up with one or you did not.
" "Having grown up with a smoke house, it seems impossible to prepare meat without one.
I see products like smokehouse barbecue sauce and liquid smoke and just laugh.
People always buy this prepackaged junk that is supposed to emulate the smoke house flavor, without even being aware of what they are missing out on.
Most people don't even realize what smoke house meat tastes like.The taste really defies explanation.
" Read The Whole Story If I gave out an award for Smoker Design of the year, this would most likely win hands down.
I have fallen in love with this drum smoker and you can believe I will have one before this spring rolls around.
If you are looking for a design to build your own smoker and also want something that shouts style, this barrel smoker could be just what you are looking for.
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Check This Out...If you hang pieces of ham and beef they can keep for years, but will be very tough to eat.
Professional Barbecue Recipes!Competition style ribs, butts, chicken, and beef brisket...
Have you ever been to a restaurant and ordered a plate full of succulent, mouth watering, fall off the bone, ribs?
Would you believe me if I told you that competition BBQ is better than any barbecue you can get in any restaurant?
Now...you can learn the secret barbecue recipes of barbecue Pro s.
Soon you ll be able to cook on a level that you never knew even existed.
Read on...This design is from the book "Real Barbecue" by Greg Johnson and Vince Staten.
Their philosophy with the Big Baby is to take stuff that's more or less lying around and turn it into a smoker that works on the same principles as the $1,600 jobbies that the pros sell.
The essential function of a top-notch barbecue smoker is to keep the meat entrusted to it comfortably separated from flames and direct heat and yet in the path of the hot air and smoke that give it its flavor.
For more information on the Double Barrel Smoker Click Here!If you like this lens and find it to have useful information you can add it to your favorites list.
Also to help others find this information You can use the stars to rate the lens as well as sending it to digg and giving it a lensroll in the right hand column.
Thank you - DMedley I love this design from Cowgirl.
If I had a good area to build a permanent smokehouse, this would be extremely high on my list of possible designs.
Cowgirl has fantastic pictures and step by step instructions for construction My original smokehouse plan was to make something big enough to cold smoke two pigs worth of hams and bacon at a time.
I only butcher pigs once or twice a year for curing,....but I cook several pigs a year on my cinder block pit.
I wanted a smoke box that I could set right on my block pit, and run a pipe from a separate smoke/fire box to create the cold smoke.
Use my cinder block cooker for both hot smoking and cold.As it turned out, I decided (after I built the box) to make the little smokehouse permanent.
Continue...You have built your Smokehouse or Smoker ...
Now What?You are going to need to know How To Smoke Food.Be sure to check out my Lens on smoking foods - choosing the right wood, marinade, sauce recipes.
You will also find smoking times and temperatures and more.How To Smoke Foods Lets hear from you ...
Opinions, Wants, Needs or Loves That cowgirl drumsmoker looks easy enough and more importantly, compact enough for me to do.
I love to smoke cheese, in stocking it is so delicious.Unfortunatelly I don't have any place where to build smoker.
I love to smoke food.mostly I do fish, like king mackerel and then make a smoked fish dip.
Great lens.Thanks for the inspiration!Its meat for me my friend.
Nothing beats the sausage and the ribs ;) Some very good info here for anyone looking to build a smokehouse.
I have been thinking about it, but truthfully, I've never tasted smoked meat before, so that might be a good idea first!
Awesome lens, lots of info.You will see in this video that with a little imagination you can build your own cold smoker from that old kettle BBQ you have laying around.
The nice thing about this conversion is, you can still use it as a BBQ Grill any time you want A Weber kettle modified to be a cold smoker.
Today I'm cold smoking salmon using cedar Ingredients: 12 ounces canned salmon 3/4 cup Miracle Whip (may substitute with mayonnaise) 3 oz.
of cream cheese 1/4 cup horseradish sauce 1/2 cup diced red bell pepper 1/2 cup diced green onions 1/4 cup diced red onions 2 Jalapeno peppers diced 2 tablespoons Lime Juice 1 teaspoon grated lime 1 teaspoon crushed red pepper 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon black pepper Throw everything in a food processor and mix in low speed for about five minutes till all the ingredients are nicely mixed.
Cover with wrap and refrigerate for a few hours or overnight for best results.
Serve with Crackers For more great ways to use your Smoked Salmon visit my Squidoo Lens "Smoked Salmon Recipes" Click here to visit Smoked Salmon Recipes Today!
You have taken the time to get your own smoker, so are you ready for the next step?
Before you fire up your smoker there are some things you will want to know I have created a Squidoo lens that covers your smoker needs from wood selection for the smoke to how to marinade your fresh fish.
Don't forget to stop over at the smokehouse for suggestions and tips on the best methods to smoke your food today.
Click here to visit the Smoke House Today!Here is another fantastic Double Barrel Smoker with great pictures and easy to follow instructions.
the Big Smokey is easy to build and cost nothing next to those pro jobs.
I've outlined the steps to make the smoker under the construction area.They include color photos and some friendly advise with a list of the tools needed to make Big Smokey.
For more information for building the Big Smokey Click Here Now!Smoked meats improve with age and are best kept in a dry area.
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They can hang in the pantry or meat safe and should be washed then dried with paper towel before storage.You can turn any BBQ - Grill - Smoker or cardboard box into a cold smoker.All you need to make a homemade cold smoker for smoking cheese and fish is a tin can, a new soldering iron, and a few smoker pellets.Making sausage at home is easy and fun to do.You can create your very own gourmet Sausage today.To Learn More about Making Homemade Sausage on Squidoo Do you want to smoke some Cheese?

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