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County infant waiting adoption

Loretta Cooper, Registered Adoption Facilitator  FULL WEBSITE:  www.heartfeltadoption.com  (916) 362-2300 - Fax (916) 927-3016 e-mail:  heartfelt@heartfeltadoption.com  Heartfelt Couples have first choice of all available birth mothers.  Your birthmother letter will be presented to the birthmothers of your choice and you then select  from the birthmothers that choose you first.

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  A full disclosure of information will assist you in finding the right baby for your family.THIS IS A PARTIAL LIST AND DOES NOT INCLUDE ALL OF THE  BIRTHMOTHERS FOR ADOPTION OR THE BABIES THAT HAVE BEEN BORN.I am always looking for loving, stable couples who are ready to be parents.  I do not accept couples who want a gender preference (just a boy or only a girl).   Heartfelt  Adoption is proud to announce that I am in total compliance with every rule and State Regulation set forth in the legal guidelines for California Adoption Facilitators.

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inmate search  To access this registry go to:  www.childsworld.ca.gov/PG1701.htm  Heartfelt Adoption is honest, ethical and operates with integrity.    (AVAILABLE)  Forty two year old birth mother seeking adoption.  She is having an all Caucasian baby and we will have a sonogram within a few days.  She is seeing the doctor today to make an appointment for a sonogram.
  This birth mother is 5' 6" tall with brown hair and brown eyes.
  Claims to be drug free.  Has medi-cal.  Birth father is unknown.   We will know the due date as soon as we receive the ultrasound.
  She thinks she may be due within 3 to 4 months  -  A July or August baby..
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  (Updated 5/7/12) (AVAILABLE)  New birth mothers:  I am asking you to do things a little bit different for these birth mothers.

  Time is of the essence.  This attorney I have worked with years ago on a regular bases and occasionally still do adoptions with him.GDC new lil wayne 08 mix tapes.
  He is one of the good attorneys.  Please complete my questionnaire located on my website.
  Print and sign my Contract and provide a birth mother letter.
  All of this will be forwarded to him.  He needs information about you to show to his birth mothers.
  He has a girl in prison that he is working with who is pregnant.
  Since he was taking such good care of her, 5 other girls decided they would like to work with him and give their babies up for adoption.
  If you have a home study, please include.  E-mail all to heartfelt@heartfeltadoption.
com I will then forward your information.   Here is a tentative list with regard to these birth mothers.
  Don't worry, he is very complete in gathering information and do everything right by the book when it comes to adoptions.
  He is one of the good guys.  .(MATCHED)  READY TO MATCH.
All Caucasian baby due July 1, 2012.  Forty year old birth mother with two boys, one who is in the army and the other a teenager.
  We have a doctor's appointment on March 19th with a doctor that I have worked with for years!
  He is wonderful.  The birth father was a one night stand and can not be located.
Birth mother has blondish/brown hair with blue eyes and stated she would like the adoptive couple to be at the delivery and immediately take custody of the baby.
  She will allow them to be present at the birthing.  She would like pictures and letters only on occasion through the years.
  When I met with her today I could tell she had thought through this pregnancy and seemed to be very certain that adoption was the way she wanted to proceed.
  She admitted that she was keeping it from her family,  She requested that the couple be financially secure, its okay if they have other children, and that they love this baby.
   (Updated 4/16/12)  Birth mother is having a sonogram next week so we will be ready to match her with a couple.
  Please call me right away if you are interested in this birth mother.
  We had a very frank talk which went very well.  She denies using drugs.
  She likes having a "mid-wife" instead of a doctor.  She has agreed to see a doctor and has an appointment with him next week to make me happy!!
  Sonogram is on its way.(updated 4/21/12)  Caucasian Boy.
  Due date has been moved June 16th.  Sonogram reveals a healthy baby.
  Doctor said he was "chubby."  I will match her soon.
  Some of you have called and said you would e-mail me your profile, a signed Contract, a copy of your home study and complete my questionnaire.
  I must have all of these.  (Updated 4/25/12)  We have a very good match and all is going well..
  (Updated 5/14/12) (BORN)   Caucasian girl.  Birthmother has selected two couples and is in the process of deciding which one she would like to give her baby to.
  Both are outstanding couples.  My thanks to all of you who contacted me with regard to this birth mother.
  I met with her and her best friend.  We had a wonderful lunch and enjoyed the day.
  We spent a lot of time trying to get medical records and finally gave up.
The office was closed and they were not returning regardless of what their signs said (will return at 1:30 p.
m.- we assumed they were at lunch!!!!)  Birth mother gave me seven photos taken by the sonogram of this baby girl.
  Sooooo adorable!  This is why I love doing adoptions.  I have a picture of her tiny little foot, her leg, her face, as well as an arm.
  Of course we have a picture of her "pookey", revealing that she is definitely a girl.
  It was a blessed day.   (12/10/11)    Birthmother has selected a couple who resides in the mid west and has no children.
  A shy birth mother spoke briefly with them by telephone and the match is secure.
  This couple is in their mid twenties and I know they will be great parents.
  (Updated 12/13/11)  Beautiful baby girl was born on January 9th weighing 6 lbs 11 ozs.
and 20 inches long.  Birth mother was amazing and although she lives with her father and mother and is only 16 years old, she was able to keep this pregnancy a secret from her sisters, father and mother!!!!
  Her water broke while doing dishes in the kitchen and a friend  rushed her to the hospital.
  The baby girl was born less than one hour later.
  What a terrific adoption and outstanding birth mother.
  She is "top of the line".   She allowed the adoptive couple to name the baby Ava Meredith.
  This was a very blessed adoption and the birth mother has plans to join the military as soon as she finishes school.
  She will do well.  Sometimes these young birth mothers do not know how special they are and how intelligent.
  I do my very best to tell them and point out their good qualities every time I am with them.
  This one is quality.  I am so pleased that she would never consider abortion.
  Ava Meredith is the very best ....of course....
every baby is special to Heartfelt.  Ava and I are so blessed!!
  ALL WHO ARE INTERESTED IN BEING SHOWN, PLEASE CONTACT ME.  Caucasian/Hispanic  Baby due approximately July 15th.
  Birth father will consent.  Birth Mother is 35 years old and 3 Mo pregnant.
Birth father will consent.  Light complexion, Caucasian/Hispanic birth mother has a past drug history but is currently incarcerated for two years.
  She will deliver while in jail.    Attorney has received a pregnancy verification.
  Birth mother reveals that she has been free of drugs for a period of 6 months.
      (Updated 1/5/1212)  This birth mother is finally ready to be matched.
  She will remain at home (due to the over load of our jails) on an ankle monitor.
  She will not be able to get to drugs as she will be frequently drug tested.
  The baby is healthy according to an ultrasound.  This will be a $30,000 adoption.
  Attorney feels that she is a very good risk to give this baby up since she has give up three children prior.
  I need a good family who can afford this adoption.
  (Updated 2/23/12)  Thank you for being patient.
  We truly are ready to match this birth mother.  We believe this is such a solid birth mother since she has given up three prior babies with us.
  So sorry for the delay.  The attorney and I have been super busy with adoptions...
all going well.  Also, he bought a new motor cycle and broke his ankle.....
there is a little boy in every man's body no matter how smart they are.....
he is one of the best attorneys I have ever worked with.  He is trustworthy, smart and takes excellent care of the birth mothers.
  I am fortunate to have him.  We are now back on course and plan to match her soon.
  (Updated 5/14/12) (HEARTFELT TRAGEDY)  All Caucasian baby will be born on or about January 20, 2012 to a 33 year old birth mother who has been a prior Heroin user and is currently on Methadone.
   Birth mother is attractive, 5' 2" tall with blond hair and brown eyes.
  She usually weighs approximately 118 when not pregnant.
  Seeking a couple who will cherish and love her baby.
  Whereabouts of birth father is unknown.  (Updated 1/5/12)  Many of you have called about this baby and we have several couples who will be shown if birth mother cooperates.
  As you know Heartfelt goes the extra mile to protect couples from any adoptions falling apart.
  Attorney decided to wait until the child is born and we can match at the hospital.
  Only then we will know the health of the baby.  Attorney has advanced the money out of his pocket.
  He is amazing and can be trusted.  We have had some reports from her friend but time will tell all.
  Drugs is such a major issue now days.  Hopefully, this child will not be exposed to any drugs.
  (Updated 1/12/12)  In all of the years that I have been doing adoptions I have not had a heart breaking incident such as this.
  The birth mother was found dead in her apartment last week but I have needed time to work through this tragedy.
  She has apparently continued with her drug usage and over dosed on the amount that she consumed.
  The baby is of my utmost concern; after all it was due on the 20th in just a few days.
  Maybe it is a blessing for the baby.....I'm not sure about that......
the amount of drugs she apparently was taking would have affected the baby seriously.
  Being with our heavenly father is not a bad place to be.
  What more can I say?I hate drugs.  (Updated 1/14/12) (BORN)  Eighteen year old birth mother due May 7, 2012 having a part Philippino/Portuguese/AA baby has been matched with a doctor and his wife in San Francisco.
  This birth mother is wonderful.  She goes to church and is a volunteer.
  She is doing the right thing for this baby.  Supported by her family and encouraged by her pastor, she is minutes away from delivery.
  Just last week she went to the hospital only to be released to return home.
Dilation was at 2....shouldn't be long before this little girl makes her divine entrance.
  All went very well with this adoption.  The baby was born at Kaiser hospital and went directly to the arms of her selected couple.
  She is an excellent birth mother and recently lost her brother in a drive by shooting.
  We are all experiencing some situations that I personally did not grow up with.
  Times are changing and I do not necessarily want to change with the times we are experiencing.
  This birth mother was wonderful and I enjoyed working with her.  She was reliable, dependable and always did what she said she would do.
  She was great.  The baby was beautiful and will be well taken care of and receive much love.
  (Updated 5/14/12) (MATCHED)  Sonogram reveals TWINS.  All Caucasian twins due approximately July 20th.
  Twins are known for birthing early.   Birth mother is 29 years old with a prior drug history.
  States she is currently clean and free from drugs.
  Birth father unknown.  (Updated 1/5/12)  Birth mother was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  She is presently incarcerated.  She has picked a great couple to give these twins to.
  (Updated 2/23/12)  Birth mother and couple has a very blessed telephone conversation.
  This is a great match.  (Updated 4/16/12)  All is going well with this adoption.
  Just....waiting, waiting and waiting for these little ones to appear.  (Updated 5/14/12) (AVAILABLE)  Beautiful and adorable children from the Marshall Islands near the South Pacific are ready to be adopted.
  Healthy baby boys ranging from just a few months old to age 4.
    Couples must be home study approved.  Finalization may not have to take place in your state but the state where the child currently is located.
  Details and choices as to finalization can be worked out with the attorney.
   This adoption is approximately $35,000.  The wonderful part of this adoption is that you will begin parenting immediately with no waiting for a baby to be born and you don't have to be concerned about  loosing any of your money in a failed adoption.
  This adoption has as minimal amount of risk for failure.  (Updated 1/5/12)  This attorney continually receives children from the Marshall Islands for adoption.
  Please contact me if you would like to be presented.  The children range from 8 months up to 4 years old.
  JOYFUL HEARTFELT MOMENTS:  I was contacted by a Heartfelt baby girl who was born in 1992.
  She is a beautiful teenager approaching adulthood.  She informs me that she has located her brother and sister who was age 3 and 4 1/2 at the time of her birth.
Her birth mother died two years ago.  The family that adopted her has done a wonderful job of raising her.
  Just thought I would share this success story with you.  I should not be the only one who gets pleasure out of these heartfelt adoption stories.
INTERESTING......I received a very interesting profile not too long ago that included a document called:  "Our Family Creed.
"  It had several paragraphs:          Praise and Honor God Daily.
  In our thoughts, our words and our deeds, thus establishing the foundation for our success as a true family..................................................................
  Honor and Respect My Spouse.  Loving each other as Christ loves His church and faithfully demonstrating our lifelong commitment to providing for each others needs.......
Spiritually Protect Our Family.  By constantly interceding in prayer for our needs, establishing the word of God as our home's final authority, and boldly declaring that "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
"  ...........................................................
  Emotionally Protect Our Family.  By speaking words of blessings and encouragement, spending lots of quality time together, and remembering to be slow to anger and quick to extend mercy ..............................................................................................................
Physically Protect Our Family.  Through hard work, preparedness and diligence, understanding, that our call as a family unit requires daily sacrifices...................................
  • Charles B Webster Detention Center 1941 Phinizy Road Augusta 30906 (706) 821-1101
 .Be Faithful To Our Family.  By ensuring regular weekly church attendance and faithful giving of our time and resources, in addition to maintaining relationships with other Christians for edification and accountability....................................................................................
   Ask the Lord For Wisdom.   His empowerment enables us to walk in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control.
  The last paragraph.....Allow No Other Activities to Distract Us from our number one priority, which is to be assured that my family proclaims Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
(Thanks, Jane.  Your worth your weight in Gold!). I appreciate all of you  adoptive couples.
   Here is a poem just for  you.       The trials will come, the rain will fall, they cloud and muddy our trail;  Remember that the God of all will never let us fail.
   He keeps us strong, He sends His Love in Oh so many ways;   He's always there, He always cares, day after day after day.
  (By Loretta Cooper)                                  (AN ADOPTIVE  MOTHER'S LOVE )                                       .....
I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO HOLD YOU....GOD'S SPECIAL GIFT TO ME IS YOU!)   One of these days we will give an account of the deeds that we have done.
  Remember that you will not be able to take one dollar with you when you die.
  There will be no U-haul trucks carrying your possessions behind your Hurst.
  What really matters is what you have done with your life while you were down here on earth.
  How have you lived your life?   Make every moment count.  Life is not about the amount of time we have been given but what we did with the time we had.
   Don't pass up opportunities to say kind words, encourage, or simply ignore hurtful situations.
  Turning the other cheek is hard but so rewarding and satisfying once you are through that trial.
  There will be many trials....take them one at a time and walk in love as financial hardships mount, tempers and loose tongues can and will due damage.
  Don't be part of that.  Love when it is difficult......
Make deposits into your heavenly bank account while you still can.  Make a choice to do what is right and be happy.
When you reach the other side you'll be glad you did. Remember that Happiness is a choice.
  LOVE NEVER FAILS.  I Corinthians 13: 4-8   HELPFUL INFORMATION:  The open/independent adoption program allows the birthmother to choose her couple and then the couple chooses back.
  Open does not mean that the birth mother may be entitled to visitation rights, it simply means full disclosure of information obtained.
   It is the best method for adoption here in CA.  Almost all of my birthmothers will come from CA.
    If you follow my web site, I am sure you realize that they come in, get matched, have their baby and go on their way.
  Just like a revolving door, birthmothers and adoptive couples are constantly coming and going.
  My 20 year mark is rapidly approaching.   Consider joining Heartfelt!
   I always need good couples who will love these babies.
   Call  (916 362-2300) or e-mail me (heartfelt@heartfeltadoption.
com) if you have any questions.  Feel free to call my cell phone too:  (916) 541-2744.
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We encourage families to think realistically about the joys and challenges of such an adoption, and welcome you to be in touch for a follow up conversation to explore this option further.The term waiting child refers to a child who needs permanency (meaning the child no longer has options to re-unite with their birth family or be adopted domestically), and is already legally available for International Adoption.The reasons are greatly varied; below is a brief summary of why children are classified as "waiting": Children who are older than the typical age for a program: These children were not adopted earlier in life due to family reunification efforts, legal difficulties, lack of an appropriate family for that particular child, or because the child was being raised by his/her parents and came into care when they were older.

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