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› Search over 1.7 million forum posts on consumer electronics...Home > Forum > Home Video > Satellite TV > Archive through August 08, 2005 > PRE-PROGRAMED......PANSAT 2500 RECIEVER Fisherman it's good to see you got that figured out but you need a TWIN LNB not a dual.James why does the above link http://www.

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dss-jmvip3mfiles.com/forum1/ go to http://expressvukeys.netfirms.com/ Fisherman...with the oval DTV 2 LNB dish, U can get both the 110 and 119..U must align each LNB correctly...go to the dish pointing area forums at dss community.com ...it will tell U how to align the dish to get both satellites..don't do it.....he's just after your email...going to sell it to spammers..you've been warned!!!

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inmate searchfisherman...read this link...it'll help U to get more dish pointing help from the links inside..http://www.ecoustics.com/electronics/forum/home-video/120764.html and don't listen to kneegrow,dsscommunity does NOT spam or sell email lists ...go there as a gues (unregistered) and ask EVERY member,they will tell u the truth..Kneegrow..
U're a loser who I banned from there...keep it up and remember I have your IP logged!
and saved right in front of me...LK, Thank you for the help.I'm afraid that I will have to make do with my new round dish and a single LNB for now.
I am disabled and on SSI.I committed four months cable bill to buy what I have and until I can pay my credit card off I don't intend to buy more.
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My loss, I realize.I didn't know so when I saw a NEW DTV dish with Dual LNB for $14.

00 on e-bay I grabbed it.With s/h it only cost thriry dollars.I thought I had a deal.GDC search tdcj inmates.
I do.With Digital Computer Solutions price of $159.95 for the Pansat 2500a, delivered and the $34.
00 for the dish I have less than $200.00 in a system to replace $43.
95 a month of non-digital cable with no premium or PPV.I am trying to figure out how to get USA, TVL, TBN, TBS, WGN...
and all to come on.The screen tells me "bad or scrambled channel" but I can see a hundred PPVs and HBO, SHO, TMC, STARZ, ENC.
I prefer to watch DISC and TVL along with PBS, a movie once in awhile is okay but not so important to me.
I just noticed that.it has to be the expressvuy guy <gordo> trying to pick up my customers...
what a jerk.....................jmill can i get the 61.5 ?
with pansat?yes U can get 61.5 ..U can get almost any satellite with pansat..
its your dish and location thats more important....go to lyngsat.
com for satellites,channels,etc..plinio...read this link for Dishnetwork Echo 3 at 61.
5...here's the available channels..http://www.lyngsat.com/packages/dish61.
html Seting Up FTA Receiver and Dish for Dish Network find files on internet...
Note : This is for the Pansat 2500a receiver.You may have to download a different flash and downloader if you have a different receiver type.
1.Connect satellite receiver to PC with RS-232C straight cable (Not Null Modem) or a serial cable with a male to female adaptor.
2.Turn on the power in the back of the satellite receiver.
Don't turn on the power button in the front of the receiver.3.Open the (2300_2500_1500 Downloader) 4.
Click "STB MODEL" and type model name exactly key:global 5.
Click "BIN FILE" and select the (X-8500_2500A_10_05_04) bin file located in the flash folder.
Or the newest flash.Note: Use the Factory Flash (Pansat 2500A_040607_222_api(N) for basic FTA or if something goes wrong and you need the original flash.
Go to www.pansatusa.com for the latest flash for your reveiver.
6.Do not interrupt while downloading.Make sure your Computer says "Download Complete", not just 100%.
If you don't get "Download Complete" you have NOT completed the Flash!
7.Press OK after download complete; satellite receiver will reboot by itself.
Do not interrupt satellite receiver until reboot by itself.
8.Go to the stb_gtools folder and click the gTools icon.This will open up the gTools program that will download the channel lists.
Go to top left corner of the program and select FILE then OPEN and select the (dish500 with fav and bell (great lakes area) that is located in the stb_gtools folder.
Select the satellite that you will aim the dish at...
(Dish Network is E8.6 the 110W satellite and E7 is the 119W satellite.
Note: If you have a Dish 500 dish than you can download both.
It will pick up both satellites!!On the far left pane, Rite clicks the one you want and go to TOOLS then STB Connect.
A window will pop up.Select download.Do not interrupt while downloading.
Make sure your Computer says "Download Complete", not just 100%.
If you don't get "Download Complete" you have NOT completed the Flash!
Plug the other end directly into a LNB on your Dish.9.Then on the receiver got to installation, then antenna setup (all passwords are always 0000).
Select satellite you want on the left pain.(Dish Network is E8.
6 the 110W satellite and E7 is the 119W satellite.Still in antenna setup (on the rite pane) set LNB to "Standard" and freq to 11250.
(This MUST be done to receive a QUALITY signal from the Satellite).
Select transponder (TP) #11 for 110 (Echo 8.
6) or #17 for 119 (Echo 7) (whichever you are looking for).
(This MUST be done).Now leave the receiver on this screen while you set up the dish.
10.Now set up your dish.110 or 119 is not the number to point dish with, with a compass.
The Azimuth is.To find you Azimuth in your area go to the (Dish Network Dish Pointer) folder and click the ZipCode32 icon.
Type your zip code in on the zip code button.Then on the left select the satellite that you want to point at.
(E8.6 is the 110W satellite and E7 is the 119W satellite).
Rite down the Azimuth and the Elevation angle.Now with a compass, point the dish in the direction of the azimuth number you wrote down.
Now set the up and down angle on the dish to the Elevation angle you wrote down.There should be a meter on the side of the dish to determine this.
11.Go to the receiver and look at the quality meter at the bottom of the screen.
Keep moving the dish little by little till you get a reading.
Then get it a high as you can by moving the dish ever so slightly.
When good, tighten all the screws on the dish so it wont move from the wind and stuff.
12.Now go to Satellite scan just above the Quality signal meter and scan all.
The receiver will start to lock all the channels in (Are you getting exited?!!!!!
) This will take awhile but is well worth the wait.13.
Go to parental control menu and at the bottom of the screen you should see "Second PIN" available.
Enter "0000" and it will take you to a screen where you can turn the KEYS ON.
Select ON (This activates the keys in the x-8500 flash, to decode the signals).
This cannot be done until you have channels in your receiver.
14.Now here is the most important part...........WATCH TV!
You can now go back to your channel list and delete all of the channels that do not have a $ in front of them, they are "Ghost Channels".
Enjoy P.S.FREE TO AIR ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I GOT IT I finally got my system working and it is your falut.
Thanks to LK, Jim Millard and many anonymous contributers.
On January 29 Stephen posted a request in this forum that I would like to see come to pass.
He asked simply for a easy to read index for newbies.I wish that I had saved all of the URLs that I had to chase down to find my problem.
All of you showed great patience with me and guided me through a difficult time.
Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.OOPs, forgot.
I hate to send an e-mail and then remember what I wanted to say.
A neighbor just moved in next door and gave me the old D*V 3LNB dish in the yard.
I read somewhere that this dish won't work with my Pansat for Dish.
If anyone remembers where an article on that is it would save me hours of searching.
I wish I had saved all of those URLs.DTV triple LNB is NOT recommended...
oval 2 LNB is Much easier and recommended...I believe I gave U or someone else here links to dsscommunity posts regarding this 3 LNB issue..
read this ..copy/paste the link and remove the * from the .
net http://dsscentral.ne*t/forums3/viewtopic.php?t=2507 Thanx again LK.
You are the man with the plan and you are right there with the answer.
It is now five am.I have been sitting here alll night trying to make some sense out of all the data out there on the web.
I now know that the 3LNB setup can work for certain criteria since the center LNB is switched to cut out most the top of 110 but if it is as I read then I won't miss anything because I edit all the local stations out of my list before I upload it anyway.
I don't care about Chicago, or Atlanta, or even God knows where in Tennesee.
I even edit the California stations but I do add the Tucson stations using Channel Master and gTools.
Now I have this question.I am still stupid.I have a plain old DTV 18" dish with a 'dual' LNB, that means two outputs from one LNB.
I have it pointed at 119 and am getting great reception.A neighbor moved out and the apartment manager threw their dish away.
I was at the dumpster and got a one year old Triple-feed 3 LNB 22" oval dish for free.
I want to hook it up to get 110.I am not at all interested in East coast programming or Canadian so I have no desire for 91.
I would enjoy 101 if I could get 3ABN.I have a new Pansat 2500a.
I am a newbie.I have only had reception for three days after working around a forty foot tree three hundred feet from my back door.
Living in an apartment made a work around a real joy.I am thinking of putting my new dish on the same pipe I had to have installed.
This would give me two dishes, my 'dual' LNB at 119 and the three LNB at 110 and 101.
Is this doable?Also, please explain SKEW I am using the base mounts clamped to a eight foot long one and a half inch pipe diameter bured in the ground eighteen inches with concrete around it.
I put down an eight foot brass rod to ground the whole mess.
Now, if I tilt the base mount off of plumb by the amount of the angle I compute for my dishes will that set the SKEW.
Please explain if my thinking is still fuzzy.Lord knows we had enough fuzzy durng the campaigns last fall.
Thanx in advance for your help.Complete setup and how to guide, step by step instructions and STAFF support each and every customer.
Others keep trying to copy but nothing is as good as the original source for all FTA software.
Hello, stupid here again.Everything I read on dish setup refers to SKEW.
I spent a solid fourteen hours last night searching every web site I could find on SKEW.
I went to bed at nine this morning and am back at it at.All these sites tell me how to set elevation and azmuith, no big deal there any thirteen year old boy scout can shoot an azmuith or figure the elevation.
These forums tell me to be absolutely sure that my mast is plumb and perpendicular then to set the dish and set the SKEW.
HOW???My two dishes have no sideways cocking adjustments.Do I tilt my mast by 8.3 degrees to the left?
I live in Tucson, lat 32.21; long 110.88.Echo 7 is set at 194.
1 with elevation of 51.5 degrees.Echo 6 is straight south of me at 178.
3 with a 52.5 elev and a -1.4 SKEW.To put AMC 4 on this dish I need to aim at 161.
9 w/ 51 elev and -15.2 SKEW or a total of 8.2 counterclockwise SKEW looking from behind.
Is this correct?Can I tilt my mounting mast for this or is there something I am missing.
Either way I still have not brought in the 101 AMC bird.How about it Jim, or LK.
I am here again asking.I am tired of searching and getting only the same old answers.
I want to know HOW not WHAT.Okay??Fisherman I've seen some kind of skew add on that you can add on to a dish without skew adjustment.
Just can't remember where!I'll have a look.fisherman your wasteing your time on all this searching etc.
just take awalk around the neighborhood,pick up a used dish for a couple bucks with a skew built in.
U can't adjust a dish's skew if it don't have the bracket.
Moving the mast is not going to work.It just becomes too much of a headache.These dishes are designed to be accurate.....
my 2 cents Hey thanx for the post.I couldn't sleep again last night so I just returned from a long walk.
I found a DTV man installing a dish, at 7:30 in the morning.
The new dish he had does have a SKEW adjustment on the back.Neither of mine do.
He says to SKEW the twenty inch dish is to screw my mind.
He says aim it at one or toss it.Looks like what you two guys are saying.
Damn, I wish I could learn all of this the easy way.I guess I could just have someone install it but where would be the fun and agravation?
fisherman..How to calculate and use Skew: Skew= vertical offset (twist) in degrees from the vertical (from the 90 degrees mark on your dish) 1.
Go to Satellite Nut page 2.Enter your location info.3.Calculate skew for the 2 outter satellites on your dish (for the pansat setup on Phaze3 (oval 3LNB DTV dish) that would be 91 and 119) 4.
Add them together and divide by 2 5.U get the skew number.(Disregard the minus sign if its negative) To use SKEW: You must ensure that the top of the mast is perfectly plum.
Best thing is to use an eye round level (home depot,tools section - $3) that u put right on top of the mast.
You do that BEFORE you even put the dish on the mast.
If you are on the EAST coast, skew = counter-clockwise rotation in degrees from the 90 deg mark on your phaze 3 dish.
Set your dish to 90 minus the skew number If you are on the WEST coast, skew = clockwise rotation in degrees from the 90 deg mark on your phaze 3 dish.
  • Charles B Webster Detention Center 1941 Phinizy Road Augusta 30906 (706) 821-1101
Set dish to 90 plus the skew number Well thanky, thanky, thanky.I am up and running.
The installer I told you about traded dishes with me.
He had one he had taken down and it would go to junk.I put it up with who knows which LNB aimed at 110 with a counterclockwise skew of 11.
I downloaded a channel list, working5_Legacy version, I added the Tucson locals and have tv.
Problem, you knew there would be one so here it is.1.)I have no sound on one station, local NBC affiliate.
2.)All of my sats disappeared from my setup program so I don't have the ability to search for another sat.
I have no idea where the other LNB on the DTV triple header is pointed.
I skewed as if aiming at 101 but I don't have any sats in the setup program to be able to do a scan of any kind.
What happened to them?Did the channel list I loaded erase them?
Before I loaded the list I did a complete back to basic boot load of my system.Everything was there then I did the upload into the box of the list.
Short of going to a boot load again is there a way of getting a sat list so I can scan?As a side, this one's freaky.
I was listening to the radio last night, the 50s selection, okay, I'm old.
I pushed the radio/sat button on my remote and my system went down.I checked it out and my keys were gone.
OO was non-existant and 01 was jibberish.I resat 01 but could not even get to 00, hence the reboot of the system.
Have you heard of that one before?Man there is a lot to learn with this hobby.
It can keep a man busy.I like it because it keeps my mind occupied.
By the way, have you seen my mind anywhere?I think I lost it.U don't do an scan and add a channel list...
its one or the other..Fisherman start from scratch, flash with factory bin, then newest bin.
Don't bother with channel lists there nothing but a pain in the azz.
Just scan.The channels move occasionally thats why they turn up scrambled once in awhile.
Bring in each sat seperatly then put on your switch.Do your own channel editing with the remote.
Then if you want to save them you can for next time.good luck Hi Guys, another Newbie here.
My name is Bob.I have been reading through all the posts for a few days now and researched this and other websites.
I am at the point of purchasing and was looking for recommendations.
I am looking for 3 Pansat 2500a and 1 dish to pick up the 2 main Satallites (110 and 119?
).I believe I would need a dual LBN dish with the ability to split to three seperate TVs.
Does anyone have recommendations on where to purchase?Any help would be appreciated on: 1.
Where to purchase?2.Satellite Dish models?3.If what I stated in the first paragraph makes logical sense?
Thanks, Bob S.Bob S.the best FTA ird going right now is the Coolsat 4000+ or 4000PRO .
depending on your budget and needs.Check'm out on fleabay...you won't be disappointed.
coolsat seems the way to go..............many features the fta era is opening up...........
The Coolsat 4000 Pro is an improvement on an already superb product line, its predecessor the 4000 Plus has excellent video quality and working EPG (electronic program guide) for Dishnet and BEV.
The main difference between the Pro and the Plus is that in addition to the outstanding quality and great hardware and firmware features of the Plus model, the Pro also has Dolby Digital (AC-3) audio output and S-Video output.
The Pro also has dual composite A/V jacks (A.K.A.RCA jacks).The additional outputs improve audio and video decoding and quality as well as add versatility to the unit for use with almost any audio/video display system from a standard TV hook up to the most advanced home theaters.
With the best video quality available in a free to air receiver and new improved hardware you can see why we say the Coolsat 4000 Pro is the HOTTEST receiver on the Free to Air market today!
Hi!I'm from Saskatchewan and am currently under a Star Choice dish.
I only heard about PANSAT today.I'm sorry guys, I've read over alot of these posts and am still confused about one thing...
If I was to get a PANSAT could I just hook it up to my Star Choice dish?and is that illegal?
Is there a certain dish you must have in order for a PANSAT to work.Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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illegal...its illegal if U "modify" and flash or insert any software into ANY TV receiver device or equipment that enables/causes it to receiver "encryted" (coded) signals such as Doishnetwork or Bev..so use of any particular dish,does NOT make it illegal,its what U do with the receiver that does..U can use many various dishes with FTA (pansat,coolsat,fortec)..go read the Dish info area at dsscommunity .com ..how many and which satellite signals (61.

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