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P.F.Chang's China Bistro - Princeton, NJ Yelp is using Facebook to personalize your experience.Not you?Log out of Facebook Don't want to be connected?How to turn this off Real people.Real reviews.® Search for (e.g.taco, cheap dinner, Max's) $39.95 for Four-Course Meal for Two!Four-Course Meal for Two, starts at $39.

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95.Includes choice of soup, appetizer, entrees and desserts!Prix Fixe menu.66 reviews for P.F.Chang's China Bistro "Love the Chicken Lettuce Wraps and Spicy Chicken." In 10 reviews "I highly recommend the banana spring rolls for dessert." In 2 reviews "The mini desserts were great and came in a variety of..." In 3 reviews 4 stars because of what the yelp literally says "Yay!I'm a fan" It is almost surprising that a city like Princeton, small but with a lot of rich people, suburbians and a UNIVERSITY!

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inmate search(seriously!), doesn't even have a handful of dining options.I guess that made the PF Chang an instant success when it first opened a little more than 5 years ago (When I first got there from Los Angeles where PF.Chang is just a good option, I couldn't understand why I had to wait for more than an hour and a half for a table here).I rarely reviewed on a franchise (and will never do much) but wanna write a good review about my experiences here because of the scarcity of dining options at Princeton.
I think the ambience is great for that price, service is usually fine but could be a hit or miss.
During the numerous visits (lunch, dinner, take outs, late nights, you name it), my favorites were the chicken lettuce wrap, mongolian beef, dali chicken (which I believe is off the menu now), orange peeled beef/chicken, honey crispy chicken/shrimp, and the last but not the least, the chicken noodle soup.
Ever since my wife bought it for me long time ago, I am in love with it.I guess my review could well apply for other branches in the US.
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Still in Princeton this sure is a solid option for nice dinner.

Modern decor mixed with higher end Chinese take-out = PF Changs.GDC recipes with canned salmon.
The presentation of the food was really nice.However, it tastes just like take out (ok, maybe better).
They earn their stars with the service.The wait staff was very efficient and never left my cup empty.
They wraps are always a nice light choice.I'ma keep this brief, it's P.
F.Chang's, nahmean?I've been here twice, both times had the something-or-other chicken lettuce wrap - love it.
I also had the ginger chicken w/broccoli today; it was decent, but coulda used more ginger.
But let me get to the important part: Today I was blessed with the presence of a waitress named Vanity.
Not Vanity from The Last Dragon (I can't believe NO ONE at my table knew of that movie,) but easily as pretty.
And sweet.And personable.And she smelled amazing.And she was so agreeable when I told her to get in our group picture.
And when I told her we needed to take another one (just the two of us) as I was somehow cut out of the group picture.
Ahh, Vanity.I'm gonna have to come back for you...Disclaimer: I mean that in no way stalkerish!
I'm just sayin', you got me a bit tongue-tied and nervous there in the end, girl.
But yeah, the food was pretty good too.so, 5 stars for Vanity, 3 stars for P.
F.Chang's = 4 stars.Love pf chang !Friendly and efficent staff - great food !
they had to find a mananger to use my Yelp coupon though.I originally was going to give this a 3 (3.
5 if I could do halves), but our waitress just made the experience so much better I bumped it up to a 4.
Yes, it's a chain Chinese food restaurant, so give it a break, it's still good.Better then you or I could probably make!
And it has vegetarian options, which I love, it has it's own little section to make it easier to find.
The waitress asked us from the start if we had any dietary or food allergens- I loved that she did that, it was the first time anyone has ever asked and it is much appreciated.
We ordered the Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps as an appetizer - yummmmm.
It hit the taste buds so perfectly.I wish there were more then 3 lettuce pieces but we still ate the leftover tofu mix.
I ordered the Buddha Feast stir fry and Steve got the Ma Po Tofu.
It says the Ma Po Tofu is spicy but it really wasn't that spicy and it was so good!!!
The tofu was perfect, I don't know what was so perfect about it but it was.
The Buddha Feast was just as delicious, so many veggies with such great tasting sauce, all atop white rice.
Perfect dish.The waitress was helpful at all times and asked us questions about being vegetarian and Steve being vegan.
It was nice to see her engage in conversation, I know some people don't like it but I do.
Customer service - I love it.The decor is really nice.
I like the atmosphere and I like the bar area.I like that you can actually sit at the bar and eat your food and not feel so cramped (we didn't eat there but I passed by).
I would definitely say try this on a week night, I hear on weekends it's mobbed but it is worth a try.
I'm sure we will be back one day, we're more "Mom-n-Pop" but we can deviate once in a while.
Listed in: local veg food.Just get the crab wontons take out and call it a motherfucken day.
I've been to several of these, but none in NJ, and until now, all of them quite good.
I know it's all relative when one says "quite good" to Americanized Asian food.
So, last night, we actually drove one hour through flooded side streets and dark back roads, in a very Harold and Kumar fashion, in search of that all elusive schezuan egg rolls and ma po tofus.
Unfortunately, our ending was no where as satisfying as their's in White Castle.
We ordered schezuan asparagus, ma po tofu, stir fry eggplant, and a sake drink.
The meals were so salty that I felt as if I just emptied a carton of morton's in me.
We actually had to send our meals back, since they were too salty to eat.
We were of course still hungry, but now debated what can we possibly order that the chef can't screw up?
We chose a chocolate cake.Impossible to screw that up, especially since it requires very little of the chef's favorite ingredient: salt.
Lesson learned: don't go there again, unless we're in the mood for salt as a main course.
This is the first time I've been to a PF Changs.The atmosphere was very cool, almost like the cheesecake factory and the service was great.
I got the 4 course meal option, which I believe is a decent deal with a soup, appetizer, entree, and a dessert.
The chicken lettuce wraps were very good.The chicken was salty, but was well balanced with the cold, fresh lettuce.
I also got the sesame chicken.This is different than your takeout sesame chicken as it didn't seem battered and deep fried, but seemed stir fried with no batter/coating.
I was a bit disappointed because it was a bit bland.The mongolian beef was very good.
The beef itself was well seasoned and very juicy.It was very similar to Korean style bbq.
The only complaint is that the rest of the dish is scallions that were cut in large pieces.
This made the dish very spicy and it was difficult eating the large pieces of scallions.
I highly recommend the banana spring rolls for dessert.Overall, I think this is okay chinese food.
Maybe the other dishes such as noodles are better, but I think there are better Chinese food in the area in Princeton.
Typical food chain.The food wasn't bad we ate well.Parking lot was packed for a wed night.
We waited less than 10 minutes to be seated.The food was to par for pf chang restaurant food.
The lettuce wraps are always good, they offer white or brown rice for meal entrees and the desserts were good.
I love the individual cup desserts they offer.Located in the front of an enormous shopping center, this restaurant has the availability of hundreds of people who march in and out in flocks before and after their shopping extravaganzas.
As my friend and I walked in, we were told of the 45 minute wait for a table, so we scurried to the bar in hopes to find two adjacent seats.
Luckily, we did.The food was of course, superb.I started with the egg drop soup, a nice classic that never fails here.
I moved on to the beef lo mein, which wasn't greasy or over seasoned.
The portion was more than adequate, but not Cheesecake Factory sized (thank god).
I finished off with the banana spring rolls, which weren't as aesthetically pleasing as the other courses, but overwhelmed my senses with delicious flavors that contrasted its appearances.
The main thing that I noticed in this PF Chang's compared to others was that I felt like I was in a herd of animals, being ushered in to quickly eat from the trough and then leave in one mass together.
When I go out to dinner, 3 things matter, like they do for most people.
1.) The atmosphere is nice.(PF Chang's - CHECK) 2.
) The food intensely delicious.(PF Chang's- CHECK) 3.) I can take the time to enjoy myself, rather than not being able to remember the experience.
(PF Chang's - FAIL).I was able to have great conversations with my friend, which reminded me that I had little to no conversation with the bartender, minus the ordering of our items.
The poor gentleman had barely a chance to breathe let alone speak to his guests to form any rapport whatsoever.
Overall, I still love PF Chang's as I always have.Just not this one.
Pretty crazy - the wait here is bizarre.I tried going here a few times and the wait was always over an hour with people literally lined up outside waiting to get in.
I waited one night and we finally got in and grabbed a couple drinks that were okay.
We had an appetizer of chicken lettuce wraps that were good followed by an entree of Mongolian beef.
The food wasn't bad, it was just incredibly salty.I was throwing back water like I found an oasis in the desert.
Overall the restaurant was extremely loud, salty, but not super pricey.
I'd prefer to support local Asian restaurants in the future.
For a chain restaurant this is pretty good.I have had a couple of dishes that were good but they must put Crack in the Kung Pao Chicken, I like it that much.
I also think that PF Changs is also the spot that made Chicken Lettuce Wraps so popular.
Calamari is decent as well.This is a standard go to back up choice for me, but it can be a pain because you will almost always wait without a reservation unless you like to eat dinner at 5.
Take note and call ahead.Or better yet get takeout.I was a huge fan of this place when it first opened but having tried other places I realize it's good just not "THE GOODS.
" What?I'm writing a review?Holy crap you know this must have been really good or really bad, right?
Well let's say the food was standard as was the service, but the atmosphere was the real loser here!
Let me say first that I know F.U.CHANGS (our inside name for the place) pretty well.
While I personally never worked at one, a former room mate and another friend both traveled the states for a few years opening them up and getting staff up to speed.
I know the concept, I know the food, I know the spiel, I've seen behind the curtain and by and large it remains one of the few chains I'll go to in a pinch.
That said, this location is probably the worst one I've ever been to.I've gone a few times and there is always an issue with the pace in which the food is delivered.
Usually half the order will come 10 minutes after the first half.
The bathrooms have always been gross on my visits here.There is something seriously wrong with the acoustics in this store as most F.
U.Changs are loud, but one is usually able to hear the server and carry on conversation.
Not here, it seems any words coming from two chairs away turns to white noise...
there are a few more smaller issues that just annoy my as a former server, but whatever.
My point is made.Think of this as the gross Starbucks off Times Square.
You know the product will be consistent, and you recognize the decor.
But it's not as clean as you're used to and you've certainly had better experiences at other locations.
Guys, Guys......don't just rate it bad because you had to wait a while, that is not being fair to the establishment.
The food here for the price, ambiance & tase is un paralleled in any chineese place that I have eaten in the area.
I have been there so many times that I have lost count, I would say over 25 times...
I have my favourites.Which are a must for anyone who wat to try the cream of the crop, at least for vegetarians.
1.The veg Lettuce Wrap 2.The vegatable soup ( The best soup I have had anywhere).
It contains veg dumplings, plaintain chip fritters and beautifully presented with few green spinach, simply awsome ( my mouther waters thinking about it).
3.Pan sheared Cucumbers with sesame seeds.4.Mapo Tofy with brocoli.Love the choice of mini desserts when you are over stuffed, or just live large with the full sized cheesecake.
My wife simply loves the dragon tea so much that she nows buys the tea leaft online to make at home.
The Wine is also very reasonabally priced.My hats off to people who wait on people and take care of the guests.
They are very, very knowedgable about the food & options and changes you can make.
Simple one great place to be Anytime!Only downside to all this is that if you show up at peak hours the wait can be painfully long, My experience has been that they always give you the upper end of the wait time so be patient, it takes less than they say it will take.
I have had then say 2 hrs and the most i have waited has been 50 minutes.
When you get an opportunity defintly try this place.I know that I'm supposed to say that I harbor disdain for this place because it is a chain restaurant...
but after a few visits, it just wouldn't be honest.To start, the atmosphere is very nice, with great ambient lighting and nice touches like creative light fixtures and a marble bar.
The drinks from every bartender I've had are made excellently - especially by the mid-30's bartender with shorter blonde hair who can make a kick-arse dirty martini.
The drawback is that any time I've visited, on any day of the week, its always packed, however different from most chains, they DO take reservations.
We visited for dinner and got the Ma Po Tofu (insanely good - perfectly prepared tofu), Coconut Curry Vegetables and Tofu (a really nice balance, not too sweet as some coconut dishes can be), and Sezchuan style scallops (only marginal on this one, served with limp not snappy snow peas).
Our waiter was excellently attentive and we were overall pleased with the experience.
Also, you can view a version of their menu with nutritional information which also includes some tips on ordering your meal customized to fit your dietary needs (i.
e.made in vegetable broth instead of oil to avoid fats) - its a brave thing for a high volume chain to make available, and I really appreciated being able to go online prior to visiting and ruling out some of the ones with more outrageous calorie counts.
Review from Patrick and Susana H.Good Chinese food from a chain establishment.
The best lo mein I've had anywhere.Okay, I have a confession.My inner FOB really, really hates me for this.
But I actually like PF Changs.Oh, the horror!I know.
Maybe it's the high school Twinkie in me talking.(For the uneducated, that's my yellow on the outside, white on the inside self).
But now my Wanna-be Fobulous self is admitting that PF Chang's is pretty good.
Granted, it's nowhere near authentic Chinese food, but do you really expect otherwise?
I'm a fan of the chicken lettuce wraps, and dynamite shrimp in all their fried mayo goodness.
And the sea bass.How can you mess up lovely chilean sea bass?Perfectly cooked, perfect portion.
The grilled salmon was a little dry.But the Great Wall of Chocolate helped wash it down.
I think the sugar really helped save the day.Chinese restaurants never serve enough dessert.
Even my inner FOB needs its sugar.But I know.I'm still ashamed of this (not-so) secret enjoyment of Americanized non-Chinese food.
I always hear people raving about this nationwide Chinese food chain, but frankly, I don't understand all the hype, as I found nothing on the menu to be impressive.
  • Charles B Webster Detention Center 1941 Phinizy Road Augusta 30906 (706) 821-1101
Why is there a two hour wait?It's average, commerical-esque Chinese food.
The ambiance is ok, the place gives off modern and trendy vibe.
Check out the nutritional facts on their website, perhaps you'll skip eating here, but then again, this is America, and people don't care what the ingest.
Not many of these around so when you get a chance to find one I would definitely try it out.
I have eaten the food they sell in the supermarkets and was not impressed, however the restaurant food is much much better.
It is reasonable priced.I had the dinner for two special which was around $25 for a whole 4 course meal and I walked away stuffed.
Service is great, the place is clean with a nice atmosphere.
I went at lunch time and was seated with no wait.I understand there can be long lines on weekends and evenings.
My favorite are the dumplings as a starter.They are the best dumplings I have had anywhere.
They also have different dipping sauces you can create at the table.Although it is not a traditional type of Chinese food experience (which may not appeal to some), the food is quite tasty.
I can't wait to be in the area again to try one some other of their other dishes.A good place to go on a second date, especially if it's not too crowded.
The ambiance is quite lovely; it's dark and romantic.
The drinks are excellent.The first thing you have to know about the food is that EVERYTHING is frozen and shipped to the individual restaurants; nothing is actually created on premises.
This explains the small and uniform portion sizes.Once I found this out, I lost most of my interest in coming here.
That said, some of the noodle dishes are sort of yummy.The service is normally very good, although during one memorable negative visit, there was this large family sitting in a corner that was letting their 2 young children run amok throughout the entire restaurant, and NOBODY asked them to control their children!
At one point the kids tried to crawl under our table and I'm pretty sure I scared them into submission with some well-placed Anglo-Saxon phrases.
That alone was enough to not really make me want to come back very often.
That said, it's definitely something you should experience once.
For a repeat experience, I'd recommend Sunny Garden a few blocks over.
If I was just writing this review on my own experiences, I would only give it 1 star, but since DW seems to like it and they do try to cater to special diets and food allergies, I'll bump them up to 2.
The first time I went, they asked if anybody has allergies, dietary restrictions, etc.
I told them I have a mushroom allergy.Many of their dishes use an oyster mushroom sauce, but their gluten-free sauce does not have mushrooms, so the manager said she would make me an eggplant dish with the gluten-free sauce.
Not bad, so I went back for lunch.I asked my waiter if I could have the eggplant dish with the gluten-free sauce, and the a-hole said, "absolutely not," and I could only order off of the gluten-free menu even though I don't have Celiac or a wheat allergy.
It also annoys me that I can't order the lettuce wraps which people love because they have mushrooms and I guess they just open up a can of "lettuce wrap mix" and heat it up.
Typical chain restaurant bs I went to this PF Changs on March 21st 2009.
Firstly, the resturant was full and buzzing.We checked in at reception and was told there is a 1.
40 wait but it could be as quick as 1 hour.We waited...waited..
waited..for 2.15 hrs.Finally, when we was a bit rude to the young kid (actually two of them) running around, he went to his boss and said something and we finally got a table.
These people at the reception were whispering to each other as if they are hiding something.
It looks very bad in front of the customer.The manager never came and apologized.
The food was good.The waiter - Joe - was good.Bottom line - reception folks are complete idiots and have no clue how to seat people.
Folks coming after us got tables in 30 mins.If I ever go back, I will call ahead...
If you do, please please make reservations.At first sight of PF Changs, I had no desire to go in.
I figured I can get this food at Great Wall number 28 or Six Happiness.However, I noticed there was a 2.
5 hour wait, so I thought it must be good.And OMG...it was da bomb.
It tasted like Six Happiness on HGH.The food is so much fresher and less greasy.
It doesn't leave that hurt and regret feeling I usually get after eating take out.
The waiter, Jonathan, was like Peyton Manning.After we gave him our order, he gave us an audible and completely changed our order...
for the better.The food complimented itself and left me wanting more.It also left me wanting to marry an Asian girl.
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I wonder if that is just a coincidence This place is very good for a chain restaurant.The wait is always long whether you are in freehold or princeton location.Either way there's a mall in the complex for you to waste time while you wait.Try the lettuce wraps you won't be disappointed.Entree wise I've had the mongolian beef, and fried rice.I enjoyed my meal.I also had shrimp with white sauce forgot the name but it was bangin!I j Didn't get a chance to try dessert but I hear they have a few good ones.

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