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To submit your photo, email us at ramsales@ramgraphics.com.Please put Faces of Honor in the subject of the email and attach your photo.
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Include your name/city/state if you want this posted too.
Corporal Damian Ramos Here is a picture of our son, Corporal Damian Ramos.
Damian is serving a one year deployment in Afghanistan, and he's only been gone for 2 months so we will be spending Christmas and New Year's Eve without him.
Damian, we love you, we miss you, and we're praying for you.
Thank you for protecting our freedom to spend the holidays in the comfort of our own homes.
I only wish you were here spending the holidays with us.
Sleep Well America, Our Marine Has Your Back Submitted by Annette Ramos One Heck Of A Proud Marine Mom, Plano, Texas 12/22/08 Cpl Justin, home from the Sandbox Hello, Thanks for allowing both those brave men and women that serve as well, as us parents, a place to honor all Devil dogs.
I'm forwarding a couple of pictures of our son, Cpl Justin, just back from his second tour in Iraq.
One is of his re-enlistment ceremony while in Fallujah last month, one a group shot there, and the final one a return to C.
P.shot.I'm not sure if you can use all of these, but perhaps you could post one or two.
Justin is soon to leave Camp Pendleton as he changes his MOS to Combat Correspondent, MCRD, Parris Island.
Semper Fi Deb - Very Proud Marine Mom, 9/18/08 LCPL Raymond "Rocky" Acuna and Army SPEC Jennifer Acuna This is a photo (taken at my sons MCRD graduation in April 07) of my children LCPL Raymond "Rocky" Acuna and Army SPEC Jennifer Acuna.
Raymond is currently training in 29 Palms CA.(Mojave Viper) for his deployment (in September) to Ramadi, Iraq with the 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines, Golf Company out of Camp LeJeune NC.
Jennifer is an Air Traffic Controller and is currently in Camp Eagle South Korea.We are so very proud of Rocky and Jennifer and are so thankful to all of the Brave men and women serving in our military all around the world.
You are all in our thoughts & prayers.Submitted by Proud Parents, Ruben and Julie Acuna La Puente, CA 7/22/08 LCPL Dunn We are so proud of our brother, LCPL Dunn for serving our country.
Matthew is a wonderful brother and we could not ask for anything more!
He is in Iraq right now, and we are counting down the days until he comes home in November.
We miss and love him BIG time!PS- Thank you for your website...It is great to see pictures of Marines and see how proud their families are of them all!
Submitted by Proud Marine Sister, Heather Proud Marine Brother, Anthony Lilburn, Georgia 5/27/08 LCPL Guyton Holton M..
This is my son LCPL Guyton Holton M.He is currently with 3/2 I Co.WPNS PLT in Iraq where he will be celebrating his 20th Birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
We want him to know that We Love Him and We all here at home are so Proud of Him.
Submitted by Loretta G.Mullinax Proud Marine MOM 11/20/07 SGT.
Agredano R.D.This is my little brother SGT.Agredano R.
D.He is my hero because he has achieved more then I could ever imagine and this is the reason I love him so.
Submitted by Sylvia Proud Sister 10/18/07 3/5 India - 3rd Plt This Is my husband.
He is currently In Iraq with 3/5 India.3rd Plt for his 3rd and last tour!
He is my hero!I am so proud of him for what he is doing for our country!!
I'll be praying for his safe return home along with all other troops!
God Bless.Submitted by Michelle W.Proud USMC Wife!10/16/07 Sgt.
Wilson This is my husband!He is my hero for so many reasons!
I am so proud of him and all his hard work!He has finished another "tour" in Iraq a few months ago.
I love him more than I could ever express, I have so much respect for him as well!
Submitted by Cathy Wilson Proud Wife of a United States Marine Upstate NY 9/16/07 SGT Herrera, Jose I am one proud wife Australia Herrera.
My husband SGT Herrera, Jose, is serving in Iraq, he has been there from march 11, 2007 until March 11, 2008!
Me along with his two daughters Sydney, 5 and Carolina 1 !
Love him and support him so much!He is ONE wonderful Marine, husband, and father.
Submitted by Semper Fi wifee Australia Herrera 8/16/07 AMAA Erich Warwell Currently serving in Yokosuka, Japan - US Navy Sgt.
Christopher Warwell Sgt.Christopher Warwell is currently serving in Ramadi Iraq.
His unit will return home this weekend we are proud of all of our troops currently serving our country.
You Do Us Proud.Welcome home Marines from Camp Lejuine, NC.
Submitted by Sheila Warwell 9/25/06 LCPL.Guynes M.C 1/2 way into India Co's deployment to Iraq.
We are so proud of the job is has done and continues to do for our Country.
Thanks to all our Military, for their bravery and sacrifices made, to keep America free & safe.
God Bless each of you and we pray for your safe return home.
Submitted by A very proud Mother of a US Marine!Patricia R.
Doucet Lake Charles, LA 8/1/06 SPC.Matthew Deister This is my son SPC.
Matthew Deister, Maine Army National Guard.He is stationed in Iraq.
Matt is a member of the 172nd 3rd B.Bangor Me.We are so proud of our soldier and we want to thank Matt and all his buddies for all the hard work they are doing to keep us free.
We love you Matt.MOM+DAD Submitted by Proud Mom Barbara Peck-Deister Buxton, ME 5/16/06 Lcpl Arnold A.
Perryman, III This is our son Lcpl Perryman, 18 (19 in June) who joined the Marines in October, 2004.
He is currently on his first deployment to Iraq.He is stationed in Camp Fallujah but may be relocating to Ramadi in a few weeks.
He got married to Carrisa, a beautiful girl he met in California, just 2 mos.
before leaving for Iraq.We are all so proud of him as well as we are proud of all Marines currently fighting for our freedom.
Our prayers and love are with him always!Oooohrah!Submitted by Mom, Dad and Johnny Severna Park, MD 5/16/06 Pfc Matthew Taylor Ostafin Matthew is currently serving in Ramadi, Iraq with 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines, Kilo Company out of Camp LeJeune in North Carolina.
We are so very proud of Matthew & so thankful for all serving in the United States Marine Corps.
You are in our thoughts & prayers.This is also in Memory of Pfc Chase Austin Edwards, 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines, Weapons; Matthew's best friend,a son, a warrior and OUR HERO !!
March 26, 1987-April 6, 2006 Submitted by Freida & Reve' Ostafin Lake Charles, LA 5/7/06 LCpl John M.
Holmason This is my son LCpl John M.Holmason.He was KIA on Dec 1, 2005, along with 9 other proud Marines.
This was John's first tour to Iraq.He was proud of a couple of accomplishments during his short life.
He became an Eagle Scout in 2003 and a Marine in 2004.He always had a smile to share, always a positive attitude.
He was my son, but also my friend.He is greatly missed.Submitted by Proud mom 4/10/06 Robert A Martinez My son Robert A Martinez.
Robby was killed Dec 1 2005 in Fallujah Iraq.He is from Splendora Tx.
This was Robby's second tour to Iraq he was based in 29 Palms Ca.
Robby loved what he was doing and knew he had a job that needed to be done.He was going to be engaged Christmas.
Robby loved life and lived it full everyday.He had a way of making you smile no matter what, good or bad.
Thank you Robby you are a True American Hero and will never be forgotten.Submitted by Proud parent Splendora, TX 4/9/06 LCpl Nathan Ryan Cadroy LCpl Nathan Ryan Cadroy, He is in 3rd Batt.
3rd Marines India Co.Currently serving his second tour in Iraq.
His first tour was in Afganistan.We were recently married in February and we have a son on the way, Austin Ryan is due in July.
Sadly, Nathan will not be here for the birth of his first child, but he will be home shortly after.
I am so proud of my husband, he is a brave man, and my soul mate.
God Bless all of our troops over there, I am proud of all of you.
Keep them in your prayers.I love you Nathan Ryan.Love Always, Megan Cadroy 4/9/06 We send our deepest "thanks" to all those risking their lives, so we can live ours.
~ Some may not believe in this war....but should honor and believe in them, because behind every uniform, is someone's son, brother, husband, Father and friend.
You might not know them by their names or remember their faces....
but they are the reasons, you have your freedom~ God Bless Our Military & keep them safe.
LCPL.M.C.Guynes This is my son LCPL.Michael.C.Guynes, 3/3 India Co.
Stationed at Kanohe Bay.Hawaii.He is serving his second tour, in Iraq.
His first tour was Afghanistan.Michael has always wanted to become a US Marine and serve his Country.
We are so proud of him, as well as all those who are fighting to keep us free.I want him to know that we love him and he is in our prayers.
Submitted by his Mother Patricia R.Doucet Lake Charles, Louisiana 4/5/06 Sgt.
Brandon E.Steltz This is Sgt.Brandon E.Steltz, Aviation Supply, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, serving 2nd time in Iraq.
He is the son of proud parents Joyce and Curt Witt, brothers Shawn, Shane,Trinity.
We are very proud of Brandon with the courage he has to make this country safer along with the other Marines serving in Iraq.
We support all the troops serving their time in Iraq and let God be with them all and let them return home safe.
"Semper Fi" We love you Brandon.Submitted by Momma & Dad & Family Silsbee, Texas 4/4/06 Shawn Kelly This is our Son, Shawn Kelly, he joined the Marines in Oct.
2005.We are very proud of him and his decision to help his country.
We miss him daily, but keep in contact with him often.Just like other Marine families, we are proud of all the men and women who have this decision to help us.
I would like to personally say Thank You to all of them, God Bless the Marines.
Submitted by Proud Parents Dave and Terri Kelly Cutler, IN 4/3/06 Lance Corporal Brandon C.
Dewey Lance Corporal Brandon C.Dewey was killed in action January 20, 2006 in Haqlaniyah, Iraq, Al Anbar Province while serving in the United States Marine Corp.
Born May 15th 1985 Brandon was raised in Tracy, California and graduated from Merrill West High School in 2003.
  • Charles B Webster Detention Center 1941 Phinizy Road Augusta 30906 (706) 821-1101
He enlisted the USMC in 2003, and had his first tour of duty in Iraq in June 2004 and returned January 2005.
He received his first Purple Heart in 2004 when he was injured by shrapnel from two suicide car bombs in Fallujah.
Brandon's second tour began September 2005 and he was to return the first of April.
He was killed by a suicide vehicle borne IED and received his second Purple Heart.
He was assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, India Co., 1st Plt.
He was a SAW Gunner and was 20 years old.Submitted by Mark Dewey Proud Gold Star Father of LCpl Brandon Dewey KIA 1-20-06 suicide car bomb Haqlaniyah, Iraq, Al Anbar Province Chandler, Az 4/1/06 Sgt.
William J.McPhee III This is my son Sgt.William J.McPhee III, 1st.
Platoon, K co.of the 3/5 out of Camp Pendelton currently serving our country and beloved corps.
in Fallujah, Iraq.He is on his first deployment to Iraq.He spent the first half of his career as a "Instructor/Trainer" training young Marines fresh out of M.
C.R.D.also other instructors in how to do the same.I am so proud of him!Words can not discribe.
My only regret is that his Grandfather (who served in WWII under Gen.George S.Patton ) did not live long enough to meet him.
He died in 1969 I pray for my son and all our service men & women's safe return.
" Semper Fi " Submitted by One very proud DAD Wm.J.McPhee Jr.San Diego, Ca 1/24/06 CPL Jacob Nicholas Garza CPL Jacob Nicholas Garza-Just returned from Iraq after his 2nd deployment stationed at Camp Lejuene, N.
C.Submitted by Very proud Mom Cynthia Garza-Underwood Seguin, Texas 12/3/05 Steven D.
Weatherly My name is Steven Weatherly.I am a cancer survivor and life long Marine.
I was an active duty Marine for about eight years, and spent two years in the reserves.
I am a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom.When I was in the Marine Corps, I was a lean, mean, fighting machine.
Now that I am struggling with Cancer (and currently winning) I am a bit "civilianized.
" Just to share a bit of the story, I was given six months to live, and diagnosed with a huge cancerous brain tumor.
After a very disabling & risky (and a voluntary gamble on my part) microscopic brain surgery, I was left humbled, but not defeated.
Never the less, I am "scarlet and gold" at heart, so my current physical appearance does not bother me as much.
I would like you to post this photo on your website, to remind me and everyone else, that (before I became disabled) I was a hell of a killer.
Thank You and Semper Fidelis.Submitted by Steven Weatherly Desoto, MO 11/23/05 CPL Kurtis P.
Reilly Here is a picture of our son CPL Kurtis P.Reilly.He just got home from 8 months of duty in Iraq.
We are so proud of him & so thankful to have him home safe.
He will return to Camp LeJeune after a 21 day leave which he so deserves!!
We pray for the safe return of all our soldiers.Thank you to all of them for our freedom.
God Bless you & keep you safe.Submitted by Proud parents Glenn & Jean Reilly Dyer, IN 11/22/05 LCpl Damian Ramos These are pictures of our son, LCpl Damian Ramos.
Damian is currently stationed in Al Asad, Iraq, but he will be relocating to Ramadi within the next couple of weeks.
This is our first Thanksgiving and Christmas without him, but we are so proud of our Marine, and his service.
Please keep him and all of our Marines in your prayers during the holiday season because FREEDOM ISN'T FREE.
Submitted by Proud Marine Parents Richard & Annette Ramos Plano, Texas 11/18/05 Lance Cpl Charles Michael Weekley This is a photo of my fiancee, Lance Cpl Charles Michael Weekley(Mike).
He went into the marines on June 9, 2003 and is stationed in Jacksonville, North Carolina, but is currently deployed in Iraq.
He has been there for 4 months now.This is his first deployment and we will be expecting him home in February of 2006.
His family and I want him to know that we love and miss him very much, we pray for him everyday, we can't wait untill he comes home, and that we are so proud of him.
We Love You, Frankie, Mom, Dad, Renee, Chelsea, Kayla, Cody, Aunt Jodi, Gram & Pap.
Submitted by Proud Family 11/15/05 GYSGT Robert Harmeyer GYSGT Robert Harmeyer is stationed at the Grissom Air Reserve Base in Indiana.
His name and photo were on the Elder-Beerman Gift Wish Tree in Muncie and has been selected by our company to support for this holiday season.
We are excited to be able to show our appreciation for the service of our troops.Our employees have all donated several gifts to GYSGT Robert Harmeyer, including a portable DVD player, chess set, DVD's, CD's, batteries, USMC socks, USMC shirts (we know a great place to get these items -- here at USMC Devil Dogs!!
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) and lots of other items.Submitted by Employees of USMC Devil Dogs Alexandria, Indiana 11/22/05 Sgt.Luke T.Tatro My Son is stationed over in Iraq.His name is Sgt.Luke T.Tatro and he has been in the Marine Corp since July/2001.We are very proud of this young man!!And for all of the men and women that are fighting over there.We love you ALL!!Submitted by Steve and Linda Herrmann 6/25/05 LCpl Jamie Langiewicz This is LCpl Jamie Langiewicz, (with her C.O.) currently on assignment with the 1stMAW, 18PSD stationed at MCAS Futenma Okinawa Japan.

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