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County shirley and tommy prank call

Nephew Tommy Prank Calls | Reference.com Answers Ads Cox® Bundles in Virginia www.coxvalue.com/Virginia Get Internet-Phone-TV for $25 Each.Plus Free Install for Ordering Now.Calls www.cboe.com/ Take your strategy to the next level.Learn options at CBOE.com.Featured on radio's nationally syndicated "The Steve Harvey Morning Show", "Nephew Tommy Prank Calls" is one of the morning show's most popular segments.

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Featuring Thomas Miles, Steve Harvey's real-life nephew, the segment is wildly hilarious.Miles is a seasoned actor and comedian who has captivated audiences for years."The Steve Harvey Morning Show" appeared on radio in 2000.The down-home, .Southern fried comedy of " The Steve Harvey Morning Show", a musical and laugh-filled bonanza, combines celebrity interviews with listener-friendly segments by cast members Shirley Strawberry, Carla "The Boss" Ferrell, Sheryl Underwood and "Nephew Tommy" (A.

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inmate searchK.A.Thomas Miles).The segments include: "The Strawberry Letter", "The Dating Game", Radio Star", "What's Bothering You" and "Nephew Tommy Prank CallsThe "Nephew Tommy Prank Call" segment involves "Nephew Tommy" calling unsuspending individuals and spinning ridiculous scenarios.For example, there was the phone call to a loving husband with "Nephew Tommy" telling him that "the loving hushand's wife" was a member of his family and that she was really a "he" and his missing brother.
There was also the telephone call "Nephew Tommy" made asking the listener if he could borrow his wife because "Nephew Tommy's wife" had run off, and he needed a woman who had recently given birth to nurse his three month old baby.
Another call features a "redneck" who learns that a doctor at the fertility clinic has made a mistake and his wife has been accidentally impregnatedwith "the seed" of a black man.
The man behind "Nephew Tommy is comedian and actor Thomas Miles.Miles is an accomplished actor who has appeared in such television shows as "Showtime on the Apollo", BET's "Comic View" and "The Parkers".
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He was worked with such distinguished artists as Patty LaBelle, Melba Moore, Shirley Murdock and Ollie Woodson.

Miles also toured with the late singer Luther Vandross for three years as his opening act.GDC allanah starr jerk.
Moving to television and BET's Centric Channel, a whole new audience will get the chance to experience "The Steve Harvey Show" and "Nephew Tommy's prank calls.
The new show is broadcast in the evening and opens the doors for laughter as "Nephew Tommy" spins new, crazy exploits for viewers.
For more information, please see: http://www.reference.com/browse/nephew+tommy Ads Prank Phone Calls www.
yahoo.com/ Huge selection of Prank Phone Calls items.Free Prank Calls www.
webcrawler.com/ Search multiple engines for free prank calls Sometimes you simply need a fresh perspective to solve a challenge.
Click here for a random insight from history's great thinkers.Reference.
com Copyright  2012.All rights reserved.ON AIR FIGHT On Steve Harvey's Radio Show!!!
- MediaTakeOut.com™ 2012 ON AIR FIGHT On Steve Harvey's Radio Show!!!
: EDITOR'S UPDATE - Looks like we've been scammed by Steve Harvey and his merry band of Morning Show sidekicks.
Initially, we were sent word from the show that Nephew Tommy and Eugene got into a fight.
Well it turns out they're the same person.Ha Ha, good one Steve.
Now howabout instead of trying to scam websites, why don't you pay your ex-wife what you owe her....
Steve Harvey is really having a hard couple of weeks.This morning MediaTakeOut.
com has learned that there was an ON-AIR FIGHT IN THE STUDIO.
Here's how one of our faithful readers described what happened.
Here's what out reader The Kid T.O.O.heard: Tommy was late for work today.Usually he does a segment called “Tommy’s Tips” but today Eugene did the segment in his place.
But instead of being funny, Eugene blasted some of Tommy’s personal information on air.
He blew up the fact that Tommy has another woman besides the alleged woman he is allegedly dating -Shirley Strawberry.
He also blew up the fact that Tommy secretly bought a Maserati.
And finally he told that Tommy has 2 other children that he doesn’t talk about.
According to Eugene, Tommy only talks about his one son.When Tommy came to work he was angry and threatened to “put his hands on Eugene” when he sees him.
Steve told [Tommy] that he should make threats on the radio because he could get sued.
Steve and Tommy argued for a bit on the air with Tommy most angry that Steve LET Eugene talk about his kids.
Steve told Tommy that there was no way for him to know what Eugene was going to say before he said it.
And that he couldn't be held responsible for Eugene's commentary.
After a while, Eugene came in and said “What is you gonna to do?
” to Tommy.They then began fighting ON AIR - Shirley Strawberry was yelling to stop it and the board op quickly cut to a song.
Now that's some ghetto mess...We Know, We Know, We're Upgrading Servers TODAY!!!
UH OH!!R&B Singer Monica IS FORCED To Sell Her LUXURIOUS Home (Pics Of Monica's Mansion Inside) CONFIRMED: Kelly Fired Mathew Knowles!!!
RUMOR: Kimora Lee Simmons May Be Having TWIN BOYS!!!BREAKING NEWS!!!
Tiger's MOTHER IN LAW . .Elin's Nordegren's Mother . .Rushed To The Hospital .
.Suspected Of Having A HEART ATTACK!!!(Pics Inside) I love Steve!
I love Nephew Tommy.But really that was a skit.I thought Tommy played Eugene.
Eugene is actually a character not a person.I repeat I love Steve!
I love Nephew Tommy!www.myspace.com/jeanineishot You got the audio, MTO??
Nope as usual HALF ASSED journalism at its BEST!!Good Job MTO Steve Harvey is too damn arrogant for me.
With those butt crack lips.I always thought that Tommy was Eugene because they never seemed to be in the room at the same time.
I've never saw Eugene on the Steve Harvey Show website either.
Wow!!!I listen to his show every day and Im listening now and its an act.
Them two always act a fool.Yall need to stop.I went to high school with Thomas Miles.
He was funny as hell then and he is still funny now.
Eisenhower H.S.Swoop Swoop on those Eagles.MTO when you find out how wrong you are on this you all will look really stupid.
And yes I heard the show.Don't beleive everything you hear.
I listen everyday and I love the show!Eugene knew that Tommy was gonna whipp him that's what his faggy azz wanted.
LOL His show is wack any way Russ Parr is better!who's picture is that?
Tommy or Eugene????????????I actually heard it this morning...I thought it was a skit or something but dang!!!
you know what Steve Harvey azz kills me.i listen to him 2 days this week about 6am and he all talking all this God this and God that.
How he been delivered and what not.I mean i know he can't control what that man said...
but he could have controled his actions and not let it escalate.
i wonder how they gonna spin this?what, they gonna come back from commercial and have prayer?
MTO yall pathetic errbody know that was an act!!!!You know that Tommy and Eugene are the same people!
I mean who doesn't know that.Obviously some of you who believe they are different people, aren't the sharpest pencil in the box.
he should have whoop his ass.Him and Shirley do not go together, this is all part of the show.
I came to believe two things..1.MTO..believes anything they hear!
Which is a very bad habit, someone is gonna sue y'all asses!
2.MTO staff is not fully educated and works for probably minuium wage and does not need too experience to be an employee there.
Do y'all dummies really believe they would air a real fight live on a show!!!????
Get a life and stop be soo niggerish to be believing dumb crap like this.
Tommy , Shirley , and Steve are adults do you really believe they would let something so disrespectful get out of hand.
I listened this morning and the faithful reader was half-right.That altercation DID happen, but it was a skit.
They all calmed down a little after the break.-------- It was revealed when they were in Bermuda that TOMMY is EUGENE.
I thought Ricky Smiley was Eugene because he does a couple of characters on the show every now and then.
But Tommy is Eugene.In Bermuda, they asked that nobody post Tommy/Eugene on Youtube.
Someone did, but it was pulled down immediately.----------------- Steve Harvey and his exwife are going through necessary asset division like any other divorcing couple.
He'll be okay and so will she.to answer email2michael's question: hel1 no!!
this is bull shyd.and a waist of my damn time I Also Heard The Show This Mornin' MTO And Erry1 Knows That Tommy is Eugene..
Jus Like Steve Does Sis Odell, Rev Motown nd a Few Others, Tommy Has A Couple That He Does Also nd Eugene Is One Of'em...
Come With Somethin Betta..This was no skit it was the real thing.don't let them fool you.
Eugene was wrong.and Eugene is not tommy.Steve know that he was wrong for letting that happen at all.
It doesn't make a difference at all.everything that was say on there was wrong for Eugene to do and say.
Leave Tommy along.Tommy and Eugene ARE the SAME person....
and there is no Santa Claus, Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy either!
One of Tommy's characters that he portrays is Eugene.
There is no fight.This is a lie, I listen to him everyday and this was a act.
MTO when are yar gonna stop believing everything you read or hear?
MTO, I can't wait until Steve sues ya'll.What's the fascination with him that you gotta talk about the man everyday?
Leave the man and his family alone!!!And yes, Tommy is Eugene.
Is it just me or is 3/4 of MTO's articles "he said/she said"??
DAMN MTO, yall finally got me to write something after reading you for almost two years...
OK idiots at MTO, incase yo country azzes didnt know, TOMMY & EUGENE are the same people !!!
DAMN how did ya'll blow this one ????Anyone, big up to my Frat Brother Steve Harvey, keep doing ya thing Dog, Long live the Ques !!!!!
Rooo !!!!I don't think they were really fighting.This is the dumbest story ever posted here!!!!!!!!!
to: witchywomn] I asked my co-worker about it a few minutes ago.She said it really happened.
I listen to the show every morning and I listened this morning.
There was an on-air fight but anybody who has half a brain could tell that it was staged and that they were just playing.
Come on do you really think Tommy would make threats on a national radio show and then act on those threats on the radio.
Come on USE your brains people...especially you MTO...of course we all know that you couldn't wait to report this as one more way to get back at Steve for putting ya tacky asses on blast.
GET A LIFE and start reporting something REAL!!!Y'all dumber than a bag of rocks.
Tommy is Eugene.Eugene also said that his daddy (Bo Jackson Wallace) was the first man on the radio.
And that he came up with Bob Hope's theme song.And it was not a real fight.
Eugene isn't even a real person.And a few weeks ago, Tommy and Steve prank called Shirley, and she was talkin all lovey dovey, not knowing she was live.
Don't you think someone would've put him on blast already.And the other woman already said that he had car trouble, which is why he was late.
Get it together.I've been reading everyone's statements for a while now & you guys are F-U-N-N-Y!!!
I heard the show this morning and I don't listen everyday - sometimes I just want to hear music as while I driving.
Anyhoo Steve sounds like the church lady and it would be a safe bet to say Tommy and Euguene are one in the same.
I REALLY don't believe Steve would allow some GHETTO DRAMA on his show, especially the way he lets people have it with his commentary on the Strawberry Letters.
Tommy is Eugene.Tommy even admitted it during one of his stand-up shows recently.
They are starting to do way too much on that show now.It's too much acting and drama.
UMMM..tommy and the homo are the same people.I heard the show this morning.......
I still don't know if they we actually fighting, it sounded like it, but I was thinking they are just doing that to fool us.....
b/c Tommy still stayed there after the fact.After I have a fight, I'm not gonna be there still acting like nothing happened!
It must have been staged.But even still Steve you whack, how you gonna let someone dog your family?
I'm not saying Steve should have hit Eugene, but he could have shut that down!
I bet Tommy wouldn't have let anyone disrespect Steve!Real talk if someone blast Steve he would have been ranting and raving for the rest of the show, just like he did with that caller Teressa who called him "over the hill" he was hot for the rest of the show!
Steve I lost so much respect for you, you whack, especially when you put Tommy and Shirley on blast on the radio....
you are childish and not very funny!I'm done with you!(for now) Uh..
I think you guys should really remove this post.TOMMY IS EUGENE in case you didn't know.
Unless you posted this trying to be funny.notenoughrealmen.
blogspot.com myspace.com/tosexy4u2handle Holla at your GIRL!!!
This person is real stupid because clearly it was jus an act..duh, It was for laughs...
get a life and stop tryin to get a story and your name on MTO!!!and MTO need to be shot fo believin his dumb azz!
Ya'll (MTO)ain't got NOTHING ELSE TO TALK ABOUT!It's painfully obvious that ya'll DON'T KNOW GOOD RADIO or how it's executed!!
That my friend is called a "skit", "bit"...part of the d@mn show that translates into ratings!
DUH!!!Radio 101....STAY IN YOUR LANE Pimpin'!!!!
Some folks do not get it.Tommy is an Comedian/Actor and very good at the Eugene skit he does.
I only listen to hear Tommy do the Eugene.I think Steve is rude as all out.
He cursed at a caller this morning because she called him over the hill.
News to you Steve 50 is over the hill, get over it and thank God you made it.
Tommy not only has a son but a daughter that he has custody of since she was like 6 months old and now she should be around 16 or 17 years old and he gets CHILD SUPPORT from HER MOTHER like he should.
He plays several characters and Eugene is one of them.Tommy is a 44 Acres Homes Homie 4 Life.
Steve Also Said That Yall Can Talk About Him All Yall Want to On The "Internet" But when He See's Yall Its On..
LOL..Just Thought I'd let Yu Kno That Bit Of info MTO..Betta Watch Yo Back...I Agree..
I Olny Listen When He's Giving Stuff Away..Lol..Im Waiting For Rickey Smiley's SHow To Air..
  • Charles B Webster Detention Center 1941 Phinizy Road Augusta 30906 (706) 821-1101
He's A Far Betta Comedian Then Steve..I listen to The Steve Harvey Morning Show everyday because he has the only show that tells the truth and acknowledges God.
They admit they're not perfect and MTO you're just mad because you got caught up thinking up you were breaking a real news story.
STUPID AZZ MEDIA Well that's IT MTO!!!You are now being removed from my browser and I will NEVER visit this piss poor site again!
Y'all have got to be the bottom of the barrel as far as accuracy on the web.
Seriously MTO readers we should NOT STAND FOR THIS!Not 1 more minute!!!!!!!!!
All this site does is tear black people down and print LIES, that they KNOW ARE LIES!!!!
So FU CK YOU MTO!Im going to C ON cre te L OO P!!Hope you fall to be the least visited black web site b/c THATS WHAT U DESERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was justing thinking about how ghetto The Steve Harvey show has become.A Brother with a voice can make us proud or not?
that sh!t was staged you dummies!I don't give a damn if it was an act.I was in very poor taste.
I had my 7 year old son in the car when that aired.
I only let him listen because I THOUGHT the show for the most part was a positive show.
But, that was in just tacky.This may not count for much to you Mr.
Harvey, but I try to teach my son that fighting does not solve anything.So, you have just lost a loyal listener.
Star and BuckWild are coming back to radio!!They had better pulled something!
I like Steve But I LOVE STAR!!Damn I just hate when people act like Steve Harvey, is this evil ass person.
Everyone on this website is not a damn angel, they make mistakes.
So give him a [EXPLETIVE] break, he's only human.And for those who don't want to listen to his show, big deal!
The man would be better off because yall don't do [EXPLETIVE] but hate on him anyway.
I like his show because he does keep [EXPLETIVE] real, as for his wife, theres two sides to a [EXPLETIVE] story.
Stop believing everything you hear.you guys are idiots...
Tommy is not Eugene.You guys are telling me when Tommy is on vacation he comes in for 10 or 15 minutes and does the Eugene skit and leaves..
Or when Tommy misses work or is late for work...hes really there doing the Eugene skit...
I hear them talk in the same room all the time and I listen to the show more than anybody who posts here THIS WAS A SKIT FOOLS , TOMMY AND EUGENE ARE THE SAME .
MTO YOU KNOW THIS SO WHY TRY AND DOGG OUT STEVE AND HIS SHOW , IT'S ALL COMEDY MTO, y'all scam your own damn website, so don't get mad at Steve.
LOL December 13, 2007.I would hope that Steve, as contry and 'bama as he is, would be smart enough not to risk all the heat that would ensue had that been real..
however, it doesn't put him in a better light if it was staged- which I'm inclined to believe it was.
I think it shows lack of class- He's so bent on this "keeping it real" thing that he's taking it too far-whether he wants to admit it or not- his nonchalance about the whole thing is making him look more ghetto than ever- we have enough of that on television- I think it's a ratings booster because the whole Tommy/Eugene thing has been going on for a minute now, and we all feed off of drama..
and he knew that people would be like "ooohh- what!!"" OMG!Folks please!
Er'body and they mama know that Tommy & Eugene are one in the same.
Tommy & Steve are NOT related, and Tommy and Shirley are NOT dating.For those of you who think you hear Tommy & Eugene speaking at the same time, that ish is pre-recorded.
All they gotta do is hit"play" for Eugene's voice and Tommy just replies as scripted...
DAMN...lmao @ DogtownHussla!to: whyamionhere] I just learn this from yall.My co-worker doesn't even know.
But, I'll let her know before she leaves today.Yall causing me to wanna tune in like I use to at work.
I guess I'm the only one who just found out that Tommy and Eugene are the same person.
I had no idea and it never occurred to me that they are never on the air at the same time, but then again, I thought I heard them talk over one another at one point so who knows.
At the time I was listening to the show, Steve was just talking about how Tommy was late and Eugene was talking about how Steve should fine him.
I'm kind of disappointed that they are the same.I like the Eugene character.DAMN,they had a fight on the air!
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hahah I hope Tommy kicked Eugene sweet ass.You don't put nobodys business out there like that.See, your unreliable sources are what has made you a gossip site where people just get kicks from.Steve was destined to get you all back.I bet he has some other tricks up his sleeves too.He's pissed at you all.As I've said before, some black newspapers have stopped using this site for their gossip section.Is all of this talk about Steve a publicity stunt or what??????????Who cares.jeeesh Still on Steve's case huh??

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